Jacqueline Leonard What’s on TV Interview – March 1995

Actress Jacqueline Leonard has done nothing but argue these past two years. As Sarah Preston, the disillusioned wife of Dr Will Preston in Peak Practice her life has been one series of conflicts. Last week, it looked as if the couple might get back together after their young son Tony was seriously injured during a rugby match. But in this week’s episode Will, by Simon Shepherd, and Sarah finally decides to call it a day.

‘It’s a sad moment rather than a dramatic one,’ says Jacqueline. ‘Ironically, just before they make their decision Will and Sarah are seen having fun together. It makes it really hard for them to part. And even when Sarah leaves isn’t clear that it will be forever.’

However, Jacqueline, who lives in Gloucestershire with her actor boyfriend Graham Turner, has no plans to return. ‘I’ve loved Peak Practice but I was starting to get bored,’ she admits. ‘Until the end I never got to show Sarah’s vulnerable side, she was just obnoxious all the time.’

But Jacqueline says she will miss working with Simon Shepherd. ‘For me the highlight of the job came when Will had his nervous breakdown. Simon and I had to get really aggressive with each other. It was great, but we couldn’t stop giggling.’

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