Series 3 Episode 10 – Walking Away

After the local football match which the sees the Cardale team defeated, Will joins Jack for a drink at The Manor. They discuss the new trainee who is arriving tomorrow. Will is still not convinced that a trainee is the right thing for The Beeches.

Chloe and James welcome their new lodger to the pub; Dr Andrew Attwood – The Beeches trainee.

Jack arrives home to find Beth has prepared a lovely meal for them both. As Jack tucks into his food, Beth sits nervously until Jack asks her if she’s aright. The look in her eye says it all and Jack guesses that she has the news they have been waiting for – she’s pregnant! They are both gloriously happy but agree to keep it secret for a little while.

JACK: Are you alright love?
BETH: I think so
JACK: You’re pregnant aren’t you?
BETH: Yes I am

Chloe asks James to collect Sarah-Jane from nursery, she is worried about him as he doesn’t appear to be completely ‘with it’ at the moment.

Andrew arrives at The Beeches. Will introduces him to Jack and Beth who are caught having a romantic moment mid baby natter! Trevor calls a meeting to welcome Andrew and The Beeches crew toast to a profitable 6 months. The meeting comes to an abrupt end when Beth leaves to continue her bout of morning sickness – Jacks concern for her is noticed by Will who senses something is going on.

Jack examines football referee Gary. He tells Jack he has left the army after an accident that left him unfit to fight. Later Jack is called out to Gary who is in immense pain. Gary tells Jack he cant go to hospital as he is a.w.o.l from the army. He tells Jack he is wanted for assault. The army contacts Jack who alerts Gary to the fact that the army know of his whereabouts. The army come down heavy on Jack and reveal that Gary is wanted on a charge of murder not assault. Gary turns up at Jack and Beth’s house in more pain, Beth calls an ambulance and the army.

Chloe is furious when James forgets to pick up Sarah-Jane from nursery. She tells him to go to the doctors – he hasn’t slept for weeks. James goes to see Beth. He tells her he hasn’t slept properly since the break in. She suggests meditation.

Jack and Andrew visit the local tannery where Jack is medical advisor. Andrew is concerned when he sees the owners son Terry, working on heavy machinery as he is under age. Jack tells Andrew he will keep an eye on it. Andrew later goes back to the tannery and finds Terry on the machinery again, he advises Roger to take Terry out of he factory as it is too dangerous. When Jack returns to The Beeches he finds a furious Trevor shouting at Andrew as the tannery have cancelled their contract. Jack and Beth stick up for Andrew and Jack tells him to use his experiences from the past but not to overreact.

Beth tells Jack that she is scared about the baby. She says she wants it so much that she feels strong and yet fragile at the same time. Jack tells her how much he loves her and says they’ll learn about parenthood together.

BETH: I never thought I’d say this Jack, but I’m a bit scared. Is that allowed?

James meditation plan doesn’t work so Beth suggests a sleep replacement program; where he misses sleep for 24 hours to get him back into a routine. That doesn’t work either when James keeps himself awake by painting all the doors in The Manor. Will suggests to Chloe that they get the locks change to make James feel more safer.

Andrew goes on call with Will. They get a call from the tannery; Roger has his hand stuck in a piece of machinery. Andrew dismantles the machine and Roger is taken to hospital. Will congratulates him on a good job, Andrew reveals that he is used to machinery – he used to be an electrician!

James sneaks downstairs in the middle of the night, when he finds the locks have been changed he slumps down and sleeps! Chloe calls The Beeches to give them the good news. Beth and Will disagree over who’s to thank; he sleep replacement program or his idea of changing the locks. They finish their bickering long enough for Beth to tell Will that she’s pregnant. Will is delighted and congratulates both she and Jack.

WILL: There’s something going on here that I don’t know about isn’t there?
BETH: I’m pregnant Will
WILL: I knew it!

Jack and Andrew return to the tannery. Roger thanks Andrew for what he did at the accident. He rewards him with some sheep skin car seat covers and the contract back.

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