Series 11 Episode 1 – Still Waters

Kate and Charlie are staying with her friends Gabby and Adam who own the local boat yard. Gabby and Adam are trying for a baby and are patients of Wills. Will visits the boat yard to visit them and give them their last set of test results. Charlie is pleased to see Will and alerts Kate to his arrival. Kate joins Will outside and he asks her how she is. She says she’s fine and says the break is doing Charlie the world of good. Charlie asks Will to look at the work he’s done on one of the boats but Will says no, disappointing Charlie and upsetting Kate.

Will tells Gabby and Adam if Adam were to have an operation there should be no reason why they could not conceive. They ask Will to stay for supper but he says no. Adam follows Will outside and asks why he hasn’t spoken to Kate. Will says he doesn’t know why she is still here as they’ve been through everything already. Adam tells Will she’s staying because she loves him, he tells him their separation is also affecting Charlie.

Sam brings Kerri home from hospital. He surprises her by taking her to their new house he has mortgaged. The accident has left Kerri in a wheelchair but she is in high spirits as she and Sam still plan to get married.

Alex helps Tom bath Joe. Leanne asks her to stay for some supper but she says no.

Much to the surprise of The Beeches staff, Richard agrees to fund Gabby and Adam’s operation without any hesitation. Tom tells Alex that the amalgamation from PCG to PCT means that there may be other contenders for Richard’s job. He tells her Richard’s kindness is most likely due to the fact he wants their vote on the PCT elections.

Kate finds Gabby crying in her bedroom, Gabby tells her she has been bleeding. Kate calls Will and he comes to the house. He does a test and finds out Gabby is pregnant. He doesn’t understand how, due to the fact that Adam is infertile. He asks Gabby what he is supposed to do about Adam’s operation. She tells him to leave it as she will sort it out. Will asks Kate if she knows who the father of Gabby’s baby is. Kate tells him she doesn’t and he walks out on her.

Sam visits Alice at home as she’s feeling unwell. She asks about Kerri and wants to know about their wedding plans. Sam tells her Kerri is fine but asks if they can concentrate on her own illness. As Sam asks questions about how she is feeling, Alice serves him up some of her homemade cake.

Adam’s brother John is staying with them at the boat yard, he has lost his arm in an accident and visits Tom for a consultation. Tom wants him to have counselling but he refuses. Will confides in Tom about Gabby being pregnant. He tells him Gabby and Adam are good friends of he and Kate’s as Kate was Gabby’s bridesmaid. He comments on how good Gabby was with Emily. Tom implies that the father of Gabby’s baby may be John as he speaks so highly of her and spends all his time at the boat yard. Their conversation is interrupted by Richard shouting at Carol and demanding to see Will. In a packed reception Will asks Richard what the problem is. Richard asks Will why Kate has applied for the job as PCT chairman. Will says he was unaware she had done that as he and Kate split up several months ago in America. Will assures Richard it has nothing to do with him and says it is a situation he would not welcome. Richard tells Will to use his influence to stop Kate applying.

Will storms round to the boat yard and asks Kate why she didn’t tell him she was applying for the job. She tells him he has made it clear that he doesn’t want to know about her and says she needs to earn some money. Will insists that as a GP Kate can earn money anywhere and tells her that breathing down his neck at work will not help their situation. Kate tells Will that Cardale is her home as it’s where her friends are, she tells him the only reason she was in America was because of Emily. Kate tells Will that Charlie misses him, Will says it’s not his responsibility as Charlie is not his son. Kate tells him he is the only father Charlie has ever had. They are interrupted when Adam reveals John is the father of Gabby’s baby and he says he knows all about it as it was his idea.

Sam visits Alice again. Her test results show she has salmonella. He tells her that it’s procedure for him to call environmental health. During the conversation he tells her that they will probably check her chickens as the main course of salmonella is found in eggs. Alice is disgusted!

Kerri attends a physio session. She is noticeably terrified and refuses to let go of the bars or handrails. Sam arrives at the end of her session and is angry that she only receives one hours care a day.

Will and Adam meet for a drink. Adam apologises to Will for not telling him about his idea for Gabby to have a baby with John. Will says he doesn’t think it’s a good idea as John may become too involved and not accept that Adam will act as the child’s father. Adam tells Will he won’t tell Gabby to get rid of the baby as unlike him he can’t just walk away from his family. Adam returns home and Kate tells him she is nervous about going to The Beeches and presenting herself as a candidate for the PCT position. Adam tells her she’ll be fine. Kate sees Charlie is upset and tells him that soon they’ll have their own place to live in. He tells her that he doesn’t know why they are still in Cardale as Will doesn’t want them. Kate asks Charlie if he really wants her to give up fighting for she and Will’s marriage. Charlie tells her to do what she wants.

Kate delivers her presentation to The Beeches staff, but despite support from Sam, Tom and Alex, Will questions everything she says and Kate leaves. Sam tells her she’s the first person to make the PCT sound interesting and says he’ll be voting for her. Tom and Alex tell Will they are not happy with his treatment of Kate.

WILL: I simply asked a few perfectly mannered questions
TOM: No you didn’t. You tried to undermine everything she said, and you succeeded

Will leaves the surgery and finds Kate outside having trouble starting up the van Adam has lent her. He offers to give her a lift back. On the drive to the boat yard, Kate asks Will why he had to humiliate her like that. She asks after walking out on her in America what more he can do to hurt her. She tells him he’ll be rid of her and Charlie soon as she plans to leave Cardale for good. As they arrive at the boatyard they interrupt a fight between Adam and John. Gabby intervenes and is pushed to the ground. She loses the baby.

WILL: I didn’t notice you begging me to stay
KATE: You’d already made up your mind. I just couldn’t bring myself to believe it was forever

Alice goes back to The Beeches. Sam tells her he too is unwell and thinks it is because of the cake she gave him the other day. He says it could be the chickens eggs which are causing the salmonella. She is upset that he wants her to get rid of the chickens and she walk out of the surgery.

SAM: They’re only bloody chickens
ALICE: They’re not just bloody chickens to me. They’ve got names

Alex witnesses the commotion and follows Sam into the office where he is sick. She tells him to go home. Sam tells her he feels so hopeless around Kerri, he says he wants her to get better treatment and says if it wasn’t for him Kerri wouldn’t be in this mess. He tells Alex the accident was his fault as he wasn’t looking at the road.

SAM: I love her more than anyone and I’ve done this to her

Sam goes to the bank and asks for a loan. He is taking out more money then he can afford but agrees to the terms and monthly payments.

Will tells Adam he is no longer a candidate for the operation as his relationship with Gabby is not stable enough. Adam storms out of The Beeches saying Will would know nothing about a stable relationship. Charlie arrives at The Beeches and wants to talk to Will. Will takes him to his home and tells Charlie he too doesn’t understand what is happening with himself and Kate. He says all he does know is that after Emily’s death he and Kate both needed help but were useless together. He tells Charlie it was more his fault than it was Kate’s – Charlie tells Will it’s not just about he and Kate – what about him.

Charlie goes back to the boat yard and takes refuge on an empty boat. He is upset over Will and Kate’s split and sits on the boat crying.

Sam and Kerri go to The Black Swan. He tells her he has organised private treatment for her and is paying for it with an inheritance from his gran. Alex tells Kerri that Sam blames himself for the accident. Kerri tells Alex she doesn’t hold Sam responsible and never will.

KERRI: You hate private medicine
SAM: But I love you

Kate goes to Will’s house and tells him she can’t find Charlie. They drive to the boat yard and find one of the boats on fire. Charlie shouts from the boats window as Will and Kate search the fields for him. Will spots Charlie and jumps onto the burning boat whilst Kate goes to the bridge above the river. Will gets to Charlie and lifts him up to Kate, Gabby and John who are on the bridge. As they pull Charlie to safety Will is still trapped. Adam and John manage to pull him clear just as the boat explodes. Will rushes over to Kate and Charlie and holds Charlie in his arms.

Sam takes Kerri to the clinic and leaves Tom and Alex in charge of painting his new house. As they are painting they seem to get more paint on themselves then on the walls and Alex stops to help wipe some paint from Tom’s face. As they move closer they share a kiss, but pull away as Tom makes an excuse to head home.

Will changes his mind about Adam’s operation and puts him forward for it. Kate asks him why he changed his mind and he tells her it was because he was wrong. He says he was also wrong to give her a hard time over the PCT job and admits that she’ll do a good job. He says he also needed Charlie to take him bowling, Kate asks Will if that’s all. He takes her hand and tells her yes, that’s all, before taking Charlie bowling and leaving Kate behind.

WILL: Also, I needed someone to take me bowling
KATE: But that’s it?

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