Series 5 Episode 4 – Letting Go

Andrew, Erica and David sign the new partnership agreement and decide that there will be no senior partner. Will gets slightly sad when he sees David’s name hanging on his consulting room door.

Alice needs to have an operation but keeps it quiet that the hospital have sent her an appointment. Erica eventually finds out that Alice has been given a date but Alice tells her she will not go into hospital. She does not appreciate Erica’s attitude and the two do not appear to get on.

Dawn Rudge arrives at The Beeches. She tells Andrew that her baby Shane is allergic to cows milk and that she would like to claim special milk from the social. However in order for her to do this she needs Andrew to prove Shane has a medical condition. Andrew is not about to be taken in by Dawn’s scam and she says she will see David about it.

Erica and David are concerned about the treatment The Beeches patients are receiving from St. Bedes hospital. Andrew is adamant that they need to stick to the contract as they have a very good deal with St. Bedes.

ERICA: You must think Andrew and I have a private feud running
DAVID: Well you do have your moments

Dawn visits David and explains her need for benefits. David falls for her charm and writes her out a prescription for special milk. Andrew tells David he shouldn’t fall for Dawn’s charms and sob stories. Whilst out shopping Dawn speaks to David in the shop and tells him about another condition she and her children have. One requiring a special diet of foods on prescription, David tells her to come and see him at the surgery.

Joanne tells Andrew she has booked dinner on Sunday for them both and her parents! Andrew tells her she shouldn’t be making plans without consulting him. He tells her he is not ready for a serious relationship so soon after Kirsty – she walks out. Meanwhile Erica is having problems with her builders who are not transforming her cottage at a very fast speed.

Alice arrives at St. Bedes for her operation only to be turned away because there are not enough beds. Erica is furious and tells Andrew she is going to talk to St. Bedes about the promises they never manage to keep. Andrew tells her she mustn’t, if anyone talks to them it will be him as he was the one who negotiated the contract. However Erica doesn’t listen and goes straight to the head of St. Bedes consulting team.

Kate tells Will she is taking him to a restaurant and that he must ‘dress up’. As they leave the house she surprises him by suggesting that they can get the marriage license signed if they hurry. Will is shocked and asks her if getting married is what she really wants. Kate says yes, it is.

Alice collapses at home and is rushed into hospital. She has contracted peritonitis and will have to have emergency surgery. Alice is scared and doesn’t want the operation, Erica tells her if she doesn’t have it she will die. Alice reluctantly signs the form giving her consent.

At a local registry office and with two strangers as witnesses; Will and Kate finally marry. After the ceremony they go to hospital to see Emily, positive that the future lies together as a family.

WILL: Where do you fancy going on your honeymoon?
KATE: Oh I thought a trip to the coffee machine might be nice

Derby County hospital inform Erica that for every patient St Bedes take on from a neighboring health authority they are rewarded £2000 – hence the loss of Alice’s bed. Erica goes to St. Bedes and tells them The Beeches contract is terminated as of now. Andrew is furious and tells her they have to be practical; dumping St. Bedes will cost The Beeches money.

ANDREW: You just can’t resist trying to score points can you Erica? You’re like some head prefect on a power trip

The situation worsens as David takes Erica’s side and he and Andrew have a heated argument about treatment of The Beeches patients. Just in time before a punch is thrown, Will walks in and announces he and Kate have got married and would like to invite them all to a party tonight.

WILL: I just wanted to invite you to a party – a wedding party
ANDREW: You’re getting married?
WILL: We got married – yesterday!

Dawn goes back to The Beeches to see David. She takes oldest son Trent with her and explains that he too has the illness! David explains that it costs The Beeches money to fund such dietary needs and says he will have to perform tests on her and the children before he prescribes such food. With Dawn still determined to get some free food out of The Beeches, David takes a video round to her house and shows her footage of invasive surgery. He leads her to believe that this will be one of the tests she and the children will need to have before he can give out prescriptions – Dawn quickly changes her mind.

At Will and Kate’s party Andrew tells Joanne he can not have a serious relationship with her, she tells him she wants one. Kate tells David how good it feels to be married to Will whilst Kim tells Will how happy she is for him and Kate, but tells him how much she will miss him. The Cardale crew gather and make a toast to the happy couple – Will and Kate!

Mr Miles from St. Bedes visits The Beeches and offers them a vast patient discount – much to Andrew’s delight.

Will visits Alice in hospital. She tells him that he and Kate going to Bristol is for the best as Emily can receive the treatment she needs. Will and Alice share an emotional goodbye and promise to keep each other on their Christmas card list.

Will and Kate prepare for their move. Kate travels with Emily in the ambulance whilst Will follows behind. He tells Kate he has to drop the house keys off to the estate agents and will see she and Emily in Bristol. Kate reassuringly smiles at him but she secretly knows he is going to say one final farewell to The Beeches. Will watches as Kate and Emily depart in the ambulance, before driving up to The Beeches and saying an emotional goodbye.

WILL: Goodbye

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