Series 5 Episode 8 – Running to Hide

Claire tells David she wants some fun. She wants them to have a party. However David refuses as he is tired from training for the forthcoming fun run.

David notices Andrew is looking tired and tells him he will make himself ill if he continues doing too many night calls. Erica arrives and she and Andrew thank David for inviting them to he and Claire’s party, they say it was really nice of Claire to call and invite them. David is lost for words as he knew nothing about Claire’s plans.

The Beeches staff have a meeting with their accountant Gina Johnson. They want to know when the FHSA will reimburse them for their contribution to the co-op.

Andrew gets ready for the party in his bathroom whilst talking to someone who is using his shower. He provides a shock when Gina steps out of his shower and into his arms! He apologises for not being able to take her to Claire’s party but doesn’t want anyone to know about their relationship just yet.

Claire’s party is packed with her students as well as The Beeches staff. She manages to get half of them drunk by introducing them to her tequila challenge! Kim is the winner being sick everywhere before passing out! David is not impressed but Claire says he should lighten up.

David is called out to perform a routine medical on local bus driver Stan, but he soon finds out the medical is so that his employer Collinson, can find an excuse to get rid of him. David is disgusted especially when Collinson tries to bribe him. David returns to The Beeches and tells Andrew he thinks they should cancel the contract with Stan’s firm. Andrew says they can’t. Erica tries to soften the mood by asking them both for a drink at The Manor but they both turn her down.

David tells Erica he thinks Stan has Parkinson’s disease. Erica tells him if Stan does have Parkinson’s then he’ll lose his bus license.

Andrew continues to secretly see Gina and Erica grows suspicious when he receives a call from her at The Beeches.

David is woken in the middle of the night by music and noise coming from the garden. He goes outside and finds Claire and the children having a tea party. David orders Emma and Tom inside and asks Claire what she is doing, but she doesn’t seem to take any notice and continues to stare at the stars.

CLAIRE: Look at the moon – he’s smiling
DAVID: He’s the only one who is

Whilst training for the fun run, David passes Andrew’s house and sees Gina’s car parked outside. During the practice meeting Laura asks if The Beeches can fund her through a nurses practitioners course. Andrew says he doesn’t’ think they should push the FHSA for any more money, Laura is upset and the brewing argument leads David to expose Andrew’s affair with Gina.

DAVID: I’m sure you could persuade the FHSA to part with some money seeing as you’re on such good terms with them
ANDREW: Meaning?
DAVID: You and Gina Johnson

The argument continues outside where David accuses Andrew of being unprofessional, as when he ‘mucks up’ this relationship Gina could make things very bad for The Beeches. They are interrupted when news comes in that Stan has crashed his bus with Kim’s son Sam on board.

Neither Sam nor Stan are seriously injured but are taken to The Beeches for a formal consultation. When Andrew checks Stan he says he thinks he is showing signs of Parkinson’s disease. Andrew interrupts David’s consultation with Sam to tell him that he suspects Stan has Parkinson’s. Erica foolishly comments that David’s hunch was correct. Andrew accuses David of being unprofessional for not following up his suspicions and letting Stan continue to drive passengers in his bus. During the argument Sam complains of dizziness and a headache, David says he should go to casualty but Kim refuses to let David take him, saying that the accident was David’s fault in the first place.

Andrew takes Sam to the hospital with Kim, and he appears to be fine. Later, David goes to see Kim and he offers his apologies along with a present for Sam. She doesn’t accept either and slams the door in his face.

Collinson goes to The Beeches and accuses David of passing Stan on his medical even though he knew he had Parkinson’s. David insists that was the not the case as he knew nothing about Stan’s Parkinson’s at the time. Stan’s employer insists The Beeches will lose their contract, surprisingly Andrew sticks by David and says David passed Stan’s medical because he was fit at the time. However Andrew tells David that he better sort this mess out, fast.

David tells Claire that he feels he’s really messed up at The Beeches. Claire tells him not to worry about it. However she is not taking much notice as she is obsessed with making a banner for the fun run. David tells her to leave the banner but he finds her painting it outside in the middle of the night. He tells her he is worried she is getting sick again, she says she’s not, she’s just happy in Cardale.

Andrew is called out to see one of Collinson’s employees. He has been beaten up. He tells Andrew the bus Stan was driving in the crash wasn’t fit to be on the road. However Collinson told him to cover it up and when he refused he was beaten up. Andrew reports Collinson to the police.

On the day of the fun run Kim and David make-up. Andrew takes Gina to the fun-run, it is clear they are an item, much to the disappointment of Erica. With The Beeches crew behind him David runs the race and Claire’s banner is there to perk him up when he reaches the last mile and nearly gives in. Despite everyone else having completed hours before, David finishes the run and is greeted by Claire, Emma and Tom at the finish line. However it is clear that he is beginning to get seriously worried about Claire’s state of mind.

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