Series 5 Episode 7 – Home Truths

Joanne complains that David doesn’t get through as many patients as Andrew and Erica. Kim defends him and says it’s because he is thorough.

Andrew and Erica have a meeting with the Chowdry practice about the co-op. It is not successful due to the practice’s conservative ways.

Andrew upsets a patient; Christine Higgins. She brings her son Daniel in for a check up but Andrew is sure she is a timewaster and rushes through her consultation. She later comes back with Daniel and Erica diagnoses Gastroenteritis and rushes Daniel to hospital. Andrew says he should’ve spotted it and says it was because he was tired from being on call the night before. They are still struggling with night cover and the co-op agreement isn’t looking promising.

Kim and Joanne again bring up the subject of David’s thorough consultations. Andrew agrees that he sometimes has to mop up the rest of David’s patients even after he’s finished with his own. David argues that his patients often need time and attention and someone to talk to. Erica agrees with David, much to Andrew’s annoyance.

Christine’s husband Joe argues with Andrew for not spotting baby Daniel’s illness. Andrew says at the time of his consultation Daniel had no symptoms of Gastroenteritis. Joe tells Andrew that he and Christine lost a child Jessica, through cot death.

Laura and Erica run some more tests on Daniel and they show blood in his urine. Andrew however, is still not convinced that Daniel is ill and tells Erica he thinks it’s Christine who is inflicting the symptoms on Daniel. Erica dismisses the idea and accuses Andrew of being ‘off’ towards woman.

ERICA: Ever since Kirsty you haven’t exactly endeared yourself to women have you?

No sooner is Daniel given the all clear then he is back in hospital again, this time in a coma. Andrew becomes more concerned and asks Joanne to get the notes of the Higgins family records from their old practice. As Andrew’s concern grows, Erica slowly realises that he may be right about Christine. On another visit to Daniel, Erica finds one of Daniel’s bottles full of salt water. She takes it to Andrew who tastes it and says it is definitely salt water. Andrew confronts Christine with the bottle but she denies she had anything to do with it or Daniel’s illness. Andrew tells her that he has reported her and that Daniel will be taken to a place of safety.

David tells Claire she has to stop spending so much money on gardening equipment. She has brought plants and shrubs to fill their garden to make it look more homely.

Andrew, Erica and David are surprised when the Chowdry practice decides it will enter the co-op with them.

Andrew and Erica spend the evening at her cottage talking about Christine and Joe. Andrew says at least the Higgins have each other – which is more then some people have.

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