Series 4 Episode 8 – Partners

Will makes Kate late for work again when he insists she stay in bed for longer. He tells her she should keep some of her stuff at his place so she won’t need to keep leaving early in the morning – he says she could at least leave a toothbrush at his place.

Linda Manningham visits Will when she hurts her hand. She suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and Will has to tell her that she has now progressed into the next stage of the illness. Linda’s husband Des doesn’t accept the news and tells Will he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Andrew tells Erica that he’s spoken to Kirsty. It’s not good news, she doesn’t want him back.

ANDREW: When I first met Kirsty all I ever wanted was her and now all I want is her. I just don’t know where it all went wrong

Will tells Andrew he needs a decision about the partnership. Andrew says he can’t give him a definite answer yet.

Des goes to The Health Centre to see Kate. He complains about Will. Kate says she thinks he should listen to what Will has to say about Linda. She gives him he number for the MS society who can provide counseling for him and Linda.

Chloe and James hold a barn dance at The Manor. They hit trouble when singer Sally gets a sore throat. Erica joins Andrew at the dance and he is grateful for her company.

Kate tells Will that Des came to see her today. Will says he hopes she hasn’t given Des false hope by providing him with the MS number. The clash of ethics continues and Kate tells Will she won’t be staying the night. Will is disappointed. Erica tells Will that Kate has done no harm by giving Des the number. Will says no, but he has done harm by accusing Kate of interfering. Erica sees how upset Will is and tells him to call Kate.

Des calls the MS society and is furious when they tell him there is no cure for Linda’s condition. He turns to drink and heads to The Health Centre. He storms into Kate’s office and tells her that she was wrong about them helping Linda as there is no cure. Kate explains that she never said there was a cure but said they could help Linda with counseling. Kate spots he has been drinking and gets up and asks him to leave. Des grabs Kate’s arm and as she struggles to break free he hits her, pushing her to the floor.

Linda arrives home in time to see Des taken away by he police.

Will goes to see Kate. He is shocked when he sees her bruised face and even more shocked when she tells him she was hit by Des. Kate tells Will she just wants to pretend it never happened. Will heads straight fro Des’s house and finds he has been released on bail. Will shouts at him for what he did to Kate and ends up punching him through the glass door when he insults Kate further.

Will goes round to Kate’s house. She won’t talk about happened. Hr tells her he hit Des. Kate is gutted and says that makes him no better then Des. She tells him he could get struck off for hitting a patient. The coversation dies, Will walks out on Kate.

Erica makes Andrew supper. They talk about Kirsty and Erica’s relationship with Dan. Andrew tells her she’ll find someone soon, she gives him a thank you kiss for being so nice to her. As they pull away, Andrew kisses her and they end up in bed. The next morning Andrew leaves early telling Erica he doesn’t Will to know he stayed over.

Des goes to see Will. He says he didn’t realise that he an Kate were seeing each other. He says he would’ve reacted the same if someone had hit Linda. He tells Will he won’t be going to the police. Will tells Laura what happened and says he’s thinking of telling the GMC what he did. Laura says he shouldn’t if Des isn’t pressing charges.

Linda goes to see Kate with a heap of unpaid bills that Des has hidden from her. Kate sympathises. She tells Linda that her husband used to have a drink problem and she didn’t find out how behind he was on the mortgage repayments until they were 6 months behind. Kate takes Linda to see the bank manger. Kate tells him they need to extend Linda and Des’s repayments. He refuses until Kate threatens him with publicity about his bad treatment of a disabled customer.

Andrew turns cold towards Erica. She tells him they have to talk. He tells her Kirsty was the only woman he’d ever slept with. They both wish they hadn’t spent the night together and Andrew refuses Erica’s offer of friendship.

ERICA: Do you want to pretend it never happened?
ANDREW: Sounds good to me

Des apologises to Kate. She tells him he has to talk to Linda and make it work now that the building society have given them another chance. Will and Des also make amends and Will says he’ll help Des with his drink problem.

Erica tells Will to call Kate. Will says he thinks he’s blown it with Kate. He says it’s a shame as things were going so well between them. He says maybe he doesn’t deserve her.

Will sits at home alone until he is interrupted by a knock at the door. It’s Kate – clutching a toothbrush – Will invites her in. They kiss.

KATE: Guess what I’ve got in my pocket?
WILL: I can’t imagine
KATE: A toothbrush!

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