Series 5 Episode 2 – The Price

Andrew asks Kim if he can look at the fund papers. He wants to know what state the fund is in so he can start to manage it better. Kim is upset and says she does know how to do her job and feels that Andrew is breathing down her neck.

Emily has her first set of needles; much to Charlie’s concern. Will explains to him that it’s normal for babies to have tests in their first few weeks. Kate is worried about Emily’s constant crying, Will tells her not to worry; when David starts work at The Beeches he will be able to spend some time with she and Emily. He tells her not to let it get her down, Emily will be fine. Will tells David he thinks Kate has postnatal depression. He asks if David could talk to her as at the moment he is having difficulty getting through to her.

Andrew prescribes some new pills for head teacher Bill. He explains they do the same job as his regular pills but are cheaper for The Beeches to afford. Bill is facing a fight to keep his school open, Andrew tells him he’ll help if he can.

Andrew is concerned about the fund. He tells Will they have to sort it out fast; but Will is worried about Kate and takes no notice of what Andrew is saying. Andrew tells Erica they must cut back on unnecessary drugs and treatments before they face bankruptcy. Erica doesn’t feel the situation has reached crisis point yet and Andrew finds himself dealing with it on his own.

David meets up with old friend Linda Kelsey who runs the local shop. He is happy to see her son Paul Kelsey, whom he and Beth delivered.

David talks to Kate. She tells him she doesn’t feel she can give Emily anything as she won’t sleep or feed. David suggests Kate take some hormone treatments, she is offended, it isn’t her who is ill it’s Emily. David goes into see Will and is alarmed by how high Emily’s temperature is, he says they should go straight to the hospital.

A pediatrician who receives the results of Emily’s earlier tests sees Emily. Will and Kate are devastated when they are told that Emily has been born with Cystic Fibrosis. They both feel incredibly guilty as they feel they should’ve spotted it, the consultant assures them that CF is hard to spot especially if you are close to the sufferer. The build of mucus in her lungs has also led to pneumonia – Emily is very sick.

WILL: I’m not taking about clinics, I’m talking about a cure
KATE: There isn’t one

Will and Kate head home as Dr. Nixon has told them to go and get some rest. On the journey home Kate screams at Will to stop the car, she wants to go back to the hospital to be with Emily. Will tries to calm her down but Kate is distraught and tells Will they have no future together. She explains how every time they try to do something it goes wrong, she says they are useless at building a life together and asks him why they can’t do anything right. Will is lost for words and takes Kate back to the hospital.

KATE: This disease is a killer Will. We are going to watch our baby suffer and die and if that’s the only life we can offer her the least we can do is not let her die alone

Kim and Erica visit Andrew at his new cottage. He explains he is starting from scratch because he paying for Kirsty’s tuition fees in Liverpool. He thinks it’s the least he can do. He explains how The Beeches must cut back on costs – Erica refuses to agree with him.

Upset at Kate’s rejection Will arrives at The Beeches to do some work. He tells David how he really thought he and Kate had a future together. Will says he feels he lets everyone down; Kate, the boys, Sarah, the practice. David tells him that’s ridiculous and says the only reason Kate is hitting out at him is because she’s going through hell at the moment. He tells Will he must get Emily the best treatment available to help her get through this, get her on a research programme and give her a chance. Back at the hospital Emily is taken off the critical list but Kate is still shutting Will out. David tells her it’s not she or Will’s fault that Emily is sick. He tells her that freezing Will out will only reduce Emily’s chances of getting through this.

DAVID: Kate’s going through hell at the moment so of course she’s hitting out but she really needs you Will

Local headmaster Bill organises a fundraising fun day to help his school stay open. Laura and Joanne lend a hand by having wet sponges thrown at them and David entertains the kids by playing head goalkeeper in the football tournament. However the day ends in tears with Bill collapsing and Paul Kelsey being taken sick. David treats Paul. Paul has been getting in with a bad crowd and is ill because he has polished off a large amount of cider. David makes a pact with him – he won’t tell Linda the real reason why he is sick if he stops the drinking – Paul agrees.

Andrew tells Bill the different tablets he put him on may have caused his fall. Bill is understanding and tells Andrew it’s fine; as long as he puts him back on the expensive stuff. Erica tells Andrew they can’t afford to scrimp and save if that’s the effect it will have on their patients. An Andrew stress that the cheaper alternative wasn’t right for Bill but that doesn’t mean it won’t be right for other patients.

DAVID: Medicine isn’t like any other business Andrew – it’s about people

Will tells Kate he’s going to visit a clinic in Bristol this afternoon, she asks if she can go with him – he says yes. They visit The Vanessa Machin Cystic Fibrosis Clinic (see series 3 ep 15) and are told that in order for Emily to receive the intensive treatment offered they will have to leave Cardale and move to Bristol.

Kate tells Will she wants to give Emily the best treatment available, but says she knows how important Cardale is to him and doesn’t expect him to go with her to Bristol. Will tells Kate that he’s not going to lose her or Emily and that them being together is the most important thing in the world to him. Kate is overwhelmed by his feelings for her and tells him she loves him.

KATE: I don’t expect you to leave Cardale and come with us, I know how much belonging there means to you
WILL: I’m not going to lose you Kate. I’m not going to lose Emily. The most important thing in the world to me is that we’re together.

Will heads to The Beeches and tells the all that he and Kate have had to make the decision to leave Cardale and move to Bristol for Emily’s sake. He tells Kim and Laura how much he’s going to miss them. Andrew and Erica ask David if he’d consider joining The Beeches permanently, he tells them he’s not sure and will have to check with his family first.

Will and Kate stay with Emily in hospital – they know they are doing the right thing.

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