Series 3 Episode 3 – Coming In

Jack, Beth, Will and Isabel have dinner together. However Will is left in the dark over Isabel’s cancer. Isabel tells Beth she’s coping well and refuses Beth’s offer of a Macmillan nurse.

A group of people arrive in Cardale. They have a history of mental health and their presence splits the Cardale community in half. One patient is convinced that his poorly child is the result of the groups unhealthy living. It is discovered that the child has Weils disease and more and more patients become convinced that the rats which cause the disease are coming from the groups home. With mental illness close to his heart, Jack finds himself fighting the mental health patients course. Beth is concerned that he is becoming too involved.

Jack investigates the claim against the group and finds dead cattle near a stream where the infected children has been playing. Jack, Beth and Laura attend a meeting to ban mental health patients from residing in Cardale. They are on the side of the mental health patients and Jack takes the stand to defend them. He pleads for more care in the community and for the residents of Cardale to accept them into their lives. Beth tells Jack she is proud of him for standing his ground.

Isabel takes a long walk through some of her favourite places of the village and spends some quality time amongst the nature she loves so much.

Jack and Laura attend a tea party where group patients Freddy and Muriel announce they are getting married. Jack and Laura are pleased to see them living out some kind of normality.

Beth pays a visit to Isabel. She lets herself in as the door is open. Isabel is lying on the sofa; she has passed away. Beth sits at her window and takes in all the beauty Isabel had absorbed just a few hours before. She seems content that her best friend is now at peace.

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