Series 9 Episode 9 – A Test of Faith

Kate opens the Cardale community project. In her opening speech she singles Andrew out from the rest of the crowd and thanks him for all his support. Andrew makes a speech and says no-one should be afraid to ask for help or to give help to those who need it.

ALICE: Vegetarian sausages – what is the world coming to

Liz goes to The Beeches. She’s feeling unwell and displaying all the signs of pregnancy. However she tells Sam she can’t be pregnant as she had a slight period two days ago. Sam does a test which is positive – Liz is pregnant. Liz tells Sam she will find it hard to tell Mike as she doesn’t know how he will react.

Kerri tells Sam she has tickets to a football party due to one of the players being under her care for physio. She asks him if he’d like to go with her, he says he can’t as it doesn’t sound like Serena’s sort of thing.

Kate is learning sign language. Lucy is impressed and invites both Kate and Andrew to a sign song evening. Lucy tells Andrew Richard can’t make the evening as he has a meeting.

Sam and Serena spend the evening together. She tells him he should think about moving out of Andrew’s house and getting his own place. Sam says he is happy living at Andrews but Serena says Andrew will not consider offering him a full partnership when he hasn’t even got his own place. She persuades him to let her get some estate agent brochures.

Mike finds a pregnancy test in the bathroom. He confronts Julie about it but she is adamant the test is not hers. With Nick and Julie present, Liz tells Mike the test is hers – she’s pregnant. Mike is shocked but thrilled and the Pullens crack open the champagne.

Mike and Liz visit Sam as they know there may be risks with the pregnancy because of Liz’s age. Sam tells them they have to go for a scan which will tell them when the baby is due, they can then decide whether or not they want further tests to check the baby is healthy.

Andrew and Kate help single mum Tina with her alcohol problem. Tina has two kids but their care is put into jeopardy when Tina’s drinking leads her to neglect the children. They are placed in foster care until Tina admits she needs help. Andrew and Kate talk to her and try and get her to stop drinking. Eventually she realises she has an alcohol problem and the social services agree to let her look after her children as long as Andrew and Kate continue to help her with AA meetings and general care. Andrew and Kate are thrilled that the community project is making a difference and they realise they make a good team.

Sam asks Kerri what she thinks about he and Andrew living together. He asks her if she thinks he’s immature for not having his own place. She tells him he is not being immature, he’s being sensible by saving money and living with Andrew. She tells him she thinks some people get too hung up on owning property.

Alice helps Andrew and Kate at the centre. She is looking after the children and making cakes. Richard comes to collect Kate – it’s her birthday and he’s taking her out for dinner.

KATE: It’s my birthday
ANDREW: I didn’t know
KATE: No reason why you should

Mike and Liz go for the scan and are told there is no baby. Liz has had a miscarriage. Sam visits them in hospital and explains that the pregnancy test picked up hormones still in Liz’s system and when she had her period a couple of days ago she was actually having a miscarriage.

Sam and Serena have a argument at the pub whilst looking at the estate agents brochures. He tells her she is trying to turn him into something he’s not and says he thinks people get too hung up on property. Kerri tells Sam she heard they had a row, she says he should try and talk to Serena about how he feels.

Alice tells Andrew she wants to help more at the community centre. He says she’s doing a great job already but she tells him to let Kate know she wants to be involved more.

Sam visits Mike at the pub. Mike is devastated about the baby and tells Sam that despite the pregnancy being unexpected the baby was very much wanted. He says he doesn’t know what he is going to say to Liz. The following day Liz comes home to a clean pub and Nick and Julie waiting to welcome her with flowers. Mike tells Liz they could try again for a baby. She asks him if that is what he wants – he says it is if it’s what she wants. Liz says she feels what has happened has brought them closer. Mike tells her he loves her and although he doesn’t often show it he really does love her.

Kate goes to see Andrew at his house. They kiss.

ANDREW: Why did you come here Kate?
KATE: I felt you needed me

Sam and Serena meet up and he apologises for the row. He tells her he likes to take things slowly and to be sure that he is doing the right thing. He tells her she’s a wonderful person but not the right person for him.

Richard turns up at the sign song evening and says he is going to learn how to sign. As everyone greets Lucy, Andrew and Kate can’t take their eyes off each other. Kate grudgingly goes home with Richard leaving Andrew alone.

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