Series 2 Episode 7 – Chance Encounter

Will asks Beth if she can cover his nightcalls as he wants to help celebrate the local footie win. She says no, she’s meeting an old girlfriend.

Beth gets ready and leaves the house, just missing a phonecall from Michael – he leaves a message on her answer phone telling her he is caught in traffic and will be late. Who is Michael and isn’t Beth supposed to be meeting a girlfriend?

Isabel arrives at the pub looking for Beth. She is disappointed when Jack tells her she went to meet up with an old friend whom she hasn’t seen for ages.

Beth meets Michael at a hotel, he is late but she forgives him and they settle down to dinner. The atmosphere is edgy with Beth having the upper hand. Beth says she hasn’t forgiven him for having her fired from the job she loved. He said he did it because he loved her and couldn’t bare to be near her when he knew their affair couldn’t continue for the sake of his wife, Antonia. Beth is surprised when Michael tells her he and Antonia have split.

Jack and Will enjoy the post match drink, even though Will is on call. They talk about women and Will offers his advice to Jack about Beth. James calls them both upstairs when Chloe collapses. They tell her she has to take things easy and stop working in the pub and running around after everyone. Will offers Jack a lift home but he doesn’t accept , he’s going to Beth’s to tell her he loves her.

WILL: You have to tell them you love them at least once a month otherwise they’ll think you’re taking them for granted

After dinner Beth and Michael are in a position to take things further but Beth backs out. She tells Michael she can’t do this and leaves. On her way home in bad weather she is stopped by Sean, a boy who tells her he and his friend Lisa have been hurt in a car crash. Lisa is still trapped in the car in the forest. Beth goes to check Lisa, she is in a bad way. Her mobile is out of range so she tells Sean to take her car and drive to the nearest town and call for help. Sean takes Beth’s car and dumps it near a hotel, leaving Beth and Lisa alone in the forest.

Jack arrives at Beth’s house and is surprised to find she isn’t home yet. He falls asleep on her sofa. When morning comes he is concerned that she is still not home. He tries Beth’s mobile but there is no answer. Jack calls Isabel who is still asleep. Isabel says she is sure Beth is ok and tells Jack to go home. Isabel assumes Beth has just stayed with Michael. Isabel arrives at Beth’s and tells Jack she is taking him home as Beth won’t want him cluttering around when she gets home. Before they leave Jack spots a message on the answer phone. Despite Isabel telling him not to; Jack listens to the message. It is the one Michael left for Beth the night before. Jack figures out where she has been. Isabel tries to cover for Beth but Jack sees through it – he is gutted.

JACK: She hasn’t been with a girlfriend at all, that was just a blind. Well at least we know she hasn’t wrapped her car around a tree.

Beth is in trouble as the weather conditions worsen. She tells Lisa that she found a farmhouse and that an ambulance will arrive soon. She hasn’t found anybody but is trying to keep Lisa’s spirits up. Meanwhile Sean’s brother is concerned about him but keeps it a secret that Sean has been involved in a car accident. However his girlfriend is worried that other people may have been involved and she calls for a doctor.

Will gets a call from the police. They tell him that they have found Beth’s car. Will goes to Beth’s house and tells Jack what the police said – Jack asks him to take him to where the car is. They drive to the spot and find it parked outside the hotel. Jack tells Will about Michael and says now Beth can’t even lie about where she spent the night.

Will gets called to see Sean. They tell him about the crash. Will alerts the police and they organise a search party when Sean reveals that someone else was involved in the crash. Jack and Will decide to help with the search party.

Despite all Beth’s efforts; Lisa dies. Weak and tired Beth is now alone to find her way out of this mess.

Jack and Will find the car and are confuses when they find surgical syringes by the side of it. They find Lisa’s body and Jack tells Will to go and phone the police. After checking for Lisa’s vital signs, Jack steps down and treads on a medical bag. He looks at it and something registers – it is Beth’s. He screams her name and finds her propped up against a tree. She is barely awake but she is o.k. They realise they have both mistrusted each other and let each other down. Feeling content in Jack’s arms,  Beth asks Jack to marry her! Jack is shocked but visibly happy.

BETH: Marry me

JACK: What?

BETH: You heard

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