Series 7 Episode 7 – Map of the Heart Part 2

Home alone, Claire answers the door to Andrew and Joanna. Andrew is too upset to speak, leaving Joanna to tell Claire that David is dead. Claire retreats inside and Andrew and Joanna follow her in. Claire asks what happened and asks who David was with. Andrew tells her he was with Jason when he was knocked down by a motorbike. Claire asks if David said anything before he died. Andrew tells her he spoke of her and the children and and how much he loved her. Claire explains to Emma and Tom what has happened whilst Joanna takes Andrew home.

Andrew tells Joanna that David had decided to leave Claire and asked him to promise that he would tell Patricia of his plans for their future.

Dawn finds it hard ringing around the patients to inform them of David’s death, however she tells Joanna that news has already spread and most of them already know. Liam tells Joanna that the flood damage will be expensive to fix, she tells him to just do the best he can and to get them a good quote.

Patricia and Nikki collect her notes from the hospital so that they can pass them over to Nikki’s doctor in the states. Whilst Nikki buys some sweets, Pat stops in the market to buy some flowers for Alice. She is told they have sold out because of what happened to Dr. Shearer. Patricia is confused and asks what has happened, she is told in a matter of fact way that David was killed last night in an accident.

Andrew asks Dawn to help him put David’s stuff in boxes. She tells him he should try and open up a bit and have a god cry. He tells her that won’t help anything. She tells him in that case she is going to see Claire – someone has too.

Dawn asks Claire if she has had made the funeral arrangements. Claire says no, she is just concentrating on packing for she and the children’s holiday to Spain.

DAWN: He was very popular. I think a lot of people are going to want to say goodbye

Joanna tells Andrew that Nikki has phoned requesting a visit for Patricia. He refuses to go so Joanna says she will visit her. Joanna tells Andrew that for his own piece of mind he has to tell Patricia what David said. He says he can’t – he’s going to see Claire.

Claire asks Andrew if David was having an affair. He tells her that David didn’t tell him anything. Claire comments that he was a very good friend to David. Claire asks Dawn if she could look after the children whilst she goes out for a while.

Claire goes to see Patricia. Patricia says she’s so sorry for what has happened to David and asks how the children are. Claire tells her they are devastated. She tells Patricia she wants the truth and asks Patricia if she and David were having an affair. Patricia explains that when Nikki was ill they got closer and closer and she needed him. Claire asks her if David was going to leave her – Patricia says they spoke about it. Patricia says she’s sorry but Claire says she doesn’t have to be sorry. She tells her she can see David whenever she looks at the children where as Patricia has nothing.

PATRICIA: I lost my last chance of happiness

Claire drives home and Dawn comes out to meet her from the car. Claire breaks down and asks Dawn what she’s going to do without David.

Andrew is handed a stolen wallet that a patient has found – it belongs to Patricia. He takes it round to her and tells her that David asked him to tell her he loved her and was looking forward to starting a new life with her. Patricia goes to hug Andrew but he pushes her away, he says he’s done what David asked and leaves.

Patricia and Nikki board their train and head back to Canada – Alice waves them a sad goodbye but knows their departure is for the best.

The day of David’s funeral arrives. Emma and Tom take their place at Claire’s side whilst Andrew, Dawn, Joanna, Georgie and Liam follow. Andrew talks at the ceremony and says that David believed everyone deserved a chance. He says saying goodbye won’t be easy for anyone but they have to draw from what David left behind; much love, many fond memories and a legacy in his children. He reads put a poem written for David by a patient and hands it to Claire as he finishes.

Lark, sing out loud to the morning light and we will hear your voices
Flower, open your arms to the new day and we will see your faces
Sun, break the darkest cloud, your warmth we will feel
For in our hearts you live, in our minds you breath, you are not gone
Lark, sing out loud to the morning light and on and on and on………

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