Series 12 Episode 9

Tom and Alex attend the wedding of Sarah and Alan. However Sarah bottles out at the last minute and runs off before she can make it up the aisle. Alan fails to find her but Sarah is taking refuge with her bridesmaid and is still in Cardale. She visits Alex and it is revealed that the reason she ran out on the wedding was because she was awaiting the results of a biopsy taken from a lump on her breast. Alex tells Sarah the lump is a cyst. However Sarah is convinced she will get breast cancer as her mum and aunt lost their lives to it and her sister is currently fighting it.

Claire moves out of Alex’s house. Leaving phone money and a message on the notice board saying ‘screw you’.

Kate tells Will that he has to talk to Tom and Alex and tell them about his plans to start his own practice. She says they need to hear it from him before they hear it from a P.C.T. gossip. She tells him she has stuck her neck out for him and asks him not to let her down. Kate tells him setting up on his own is nothing to be ashamed off. He tells her to speak to James and tell him to hurry up his lawyers.

Matt receives some unwanted attention from Jill, a female patient. He implies to Will that he doesn’t really enjoy Cardale but can’t leave until Alex gives him his pass mark.

Claire tells Alex one of their patients Kevin, needs a vitamin injection. Alex refuses to let her give the injection.

ALEX: I wouldn’t let you loose with a needle on anyone

Kate tells James he needs to get his lawyers sorted. He mocks her and kisses her again. She pulls away saying she can’t do this but he silences her with a kiss. They soon progress to the bed where Kate lies frightfully still and close to tears as James pushes things a step further.

Claire visits visits Kevin and gives him the vitamin injection. He goes into shock and stops breathing. His wife attempts to call an ambulance but Claire stops her and tells her to get out. Nothing Claire does can bring Kevin around and she is forced to give him a tracheotomy. He regains consciousness.

Kate arrives home and looks ashamed as she glances in the mirror. She overhears Charlie ask Will if everything is alright between them. Will says things are fine and it’s just work stuff which they will sort out.

Matt is concerned about Claire and asks Kerri what is wrong with her. Kerri tells him Alex and Claire have fallen out and Claire has moved out of Alex’s. Their conversation is interrupted by Jill arriving at the pub. Matt hides under the bar much to Kerri’s’ amusement. Claire studies herself in the mirror of the pub toilets before smashing it to pieces and cutting herself.

Sarah has a gene test which shows there is a 50-70 % chance that she will develop cancer. She says she wants both of her breasts removed. Alex says that is a big step and they will have trouble finding a surgeon willing to carry out the procedure.

Alex sees Kevin and his wife present Claire with some flowers. Alex asks her why and Claire tells her what happened when Kevin went into shock. Alex is furious when Claire reveals she gave him the vitamin drug and tells her that Kevin has had a shock reaction before. Claire argues that she never knew that and says Alex should’ve talked to her about it. Will drags them both away and tells Alex they can’t row like that in the surgery. Alex tells him she wants Claire fired. Will tells Claire to take a few days off. She asks if he’s ordering her, he says no, he’s asking her.

KEVIN: We should name a cow after you

Claire storms into Alex’s office and says they are both to blame because Alex should’ve told her about Kevin’s previous shock. Claire tells Alex that Tom has been after her since the moment she arrived in Cardale and asks Alex if he has told her about the time he tried to stick his tongue down her throat. Tom arrives home to find Alex crying. She confronts him about the kiss and he tells her Claire went for it but he didn’t. He says he couldn’t tell her because she and Claire were friends at the time. Alex tells him that Claire kissed her before the helicopter crash. Tom asks her to talk to him about it but she says she can’t.

Matt goes into Will’s office and finds Kate at his desk. She asks him if she can talk to him about his future at The Beeches. Matt tells Will that he knows about his plans for a new practice and is interested. Will is surprised to find out that Kate has spoken to Matt about dissolving The Beeches.

Incensed by seeing Tom and Alex kissing, Claire takes Alex’s dog Max and dumps him by the side of the motorway.

Will goes home and confronts Kate about talking to Matt. She says that someone had to start things moving. She hands him the official go ahead document. She tells him not to ask her to stand by and watch everything fall apart because she can’t. He tells her it’s his practice and his decision. Kate says The Beeches is not the only thing he is set to lose as she can no longer fight for their relationship on her own. Will doesn’t respond to her plea and she walks out.

KATE: Your precious practice is not the only thing you stand to lose. I can’t be the only one fighting for us, for our future. I need someone to be strong for me too

Claire arrives at work much to Alex’s distress. Will tells Alex that she and Claire’s personal row has got out of hand. She tells Will that she thinks Claire killed the marine who was in the helicopter crash as there was no reason why he should’ve died. She says his vital signs were fine when she left to get help. Will goes out to see Claire and tells her that no-one blames her for what is happening. She tells Will how much pain the marine was in, she says the co-pilot wanted her to finish him off but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She breaks down and says Alex blames her for losing a patient. Will comforts her.

Alex calls Tom as he is at Sarah and Alan’s wedding and tells him she has got the funding for Sarah’s operation. A member of the board asks Alex how she is coping with the reorganisation at The Beeches. She has no idea what he is talking about. He tells her he has spoken to Kate; Will is setting up on his own. Alex storms around to Kate’s workplace and barges into her office where she finds Kate and James kissing.

ALEX: You’re unbelievable, you are screwing over your husband as well as his partners

Will tells Matt the new practice is definitely going ahead and asks if he is interested in working for him. Matt says yes.

Alex arrives at the pub. Tom takes her to one side and asks her to marry him. She dismisses him as he is drunk but he says he’s not drunk and should’ve have asked her a long time ago. She kisses him. Alex spots Will and goes over to him and tells him she knows about his plans. She reveals to a shocked Tom that Will is closing The Beeches and shutting them out. She says she can’t believe he is not even apologising. Will says he has nothing to say. Alex slaps him.

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