Series 9 Episode 3 – Family Values

Joanna and Carol bump into each other whilst out on their daily jog. Carol puts Joanna to shame as she proves how fit she is!

Back at The Beeches and the female staff enjoy making fun of Andrew and Sam’s living arrangements. Andrew wants to prove that he and Sam are mature and that it’s not a case of ‘Men behaving badly’ – he invites The Beeches staff for dinner. Joanna vows to bring her tin opener just in case their cooking skills fail!

It’s been a year since Alison Sinclair died. Sam arrives at Rob’s for Hannah’s 1st birthday party. The party is in full swing with Allie’s mother Jenny in charge whilst Rob is by the side of Allie’s grave. Jenny is angry that Rob has not finished the present he was making for Hannah, he tells Sam he can’t be a part of the birthday celebrations as Hannah’s birthday just reminds him of Allie’s death.

ROB: All that Hannah’s’ birthday says to me is that it’s a year since her Mum died

Jenny has an appointment with Joanna, Joanna informs her that she needs a knee operation and talks about impending dates for the surgery. Jenny says the operation will have to wait as Rob is busy with opening his new shop and there is no one to look after Hannah. Joanna alerts Sam to the problem and says she thinks Rob is neglecting his duties as a parent. Sam tries to talk to Rob but hits a brick wall.

Jenny has a fall when going up the stairs to the fetch Hannah, Rob finds her and takes her to hospital where they find she has a fracture. The new problem means she will have to have the knee operation in the same afternoon. Sam helps Rob look after Hannah, they struggle to change and feed her but it soon emerges that Rob is a natural with her.

Joanna and Carol have lunch. Carol tells Joanna she misses her husband Jimmy who died a few years ago. She tells Joanna she has fought hard to get her life back on track since he passed away. Joanna tells Carol about Tom but says it was strictly one night stand and won’t be happening again.

Bridget visits Rob at home. He can’t find anyone to look after Hannah and asks Bridget to call in sick at The Beeches and he’ll pay her to look after Hannah. Bridget says no but when Rob receives a call from work he walks out of the house leaving Bridget no choice but to stay with Hannah. When Sam finds out he collects Hannah and takes her to Rob’s workplace. He tells Robs he has to face his responsibilities and explains that he will lose Hannah if he keeps this behaviour up. Rob tells Sam that Hannah is the reason that Allie is dead and says he doesn’t want her in his life. He says he has decided to let his sister, who lives in Kent, look after Hannah full time.

Sam is distraught and retreats to Allie’s grave where Joanna finds him. He tells her that he is blaming himself for allowing Allie to have Hannah instead of the treatment for her cancer. Joanna tells him he respected Allies wishes and did what he thought was right. Sam asks Joanna for some of her wise words, she tells him she doesn’t have any. Sam says that now Rob is giving up Hannah it seems like Allie died for nothing.

On the opening night of Rob’s shop, Hannah sits crying as Rob makes the final preparations around the shop. He suddenly becomes alarmed by Hannah’s crying and when he picks her up he notices she has a high temperature. He rushes her to The Beeches where Sam takes a look at her. Hannah is ok but Sam tells him he was right to be concerned. Sam tells Ron that Allie gave up her life for Hannah – in that case she must have thought Hannah was worth it. Rob takes Hannah home and reacquaints himself with his daughter.

SAM: Allie’s gone. She’s left you Hannah and Hannah needs you

Sam arrives home to find The Beeches crew having dinner with Andrew. The girls are impressed with Andrew’s cooking and Kerri persuades him to open his mind to some of his alternative treatments. She gives a practical demonstration using Andrew as her ‘victim’ – he is surprised when he feels her reflexology touching his mind. He agrees to learn more about alternative treatments.

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