Series 3 Episode 14 – Life and Soul

Will meets up with Greg Miller for a round of golf. Greg tells Will that he’s too good for The Beeches and should consider leaving. He asks Will if he’d be interested in a job as medical advisor in Yorkshire. Greg tells him that now Sarah and the boys are not around as much there is nothing to keep him in Cardale. Will tells him that he’s flattered but happy in Cardale.

Meanwhile Jack and Beth are thinking of a way to persuade Trevor to fund a project they are planning. They want to add an outreach clinic to The Beeches so that the facilities they offer their patients will increase – it will also give Will a chance to practice the expertise he’s been gaining at the hospital. Much to their surprise Trevor thinks its a good idea and thinks The Beeches will be eligible for an improvement grant.

Chloe and James attend a foster care course. They are incredibly nervous but Andrew assures them they will be fine and says he will lend a hand behind the bar if things get busy. At the course Chloe is embarrassed by James forward approach during the role play sessions, however the way he handles a difficult situation impresses the course leader.

Jack and Beth visit Will at his flat. They tell him of their plans for the outreach clinic. They say it will provide him with the chance to build up his own ear, nose and throat clinic. However Will is not convinced the outreach clinic is a good idea and says he wishes they had consulted him before they started drawing up plans. He tells them that at this stage he would have to say he is against the idea.

Beth is upset about what Will has said. She and Jack go to The Manor. She tells him The Beeches has to move forward – they can’t just drift. Jack asks her if that also applies to them as a couple – she leaves and goes home alone. Both Beth and Will sit in their individual places upset about their fall out. The dispute worsens when Will tells Jack and Beth he has been offered another job. He tells them he is thinking about taking it. Jack and Beth do their best to dissuade him; Jack being more rational whilst Beth gets angry and personal. The atmosphere grows at work with Kim and Laura picking up on the tension.

LAURA: Best make sure all the scalpels are locked away safely

Laura and Andrew discuss the imminent end of his contract now that he has completed his 6 months training. He seems slightly sad about having to leave Cardale and admits to Laura that he has become quite attached to the place after a spending a morning with the local bell ringers.

LAURA: Go on admit it – you love it here
ANDREW: Even if I did my times nearly up. I couldn’t stay even if I wanted

Beth visits Will at home. He says he knows his contract require 6 months notice but Greg wants him to start in 6 weeks. Beth agrees he can leave early on one condition; that Will gives himself a trial period of 4 months and in that time she and Jack will keep the partnership open for him. She tells him that he’s a good doctor and a good friend and that she’ll do what she can to keep him. He thanks her. Beth reveals that through all of this she has envied Will’s freedom and has began to question her place in Cardale.

BETH: For a moment last night I found myself envying you, your freedom. I began thinking that maybe I’d invested to much of myself into this place – into Cardale

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