Series 11 Episode 4 – Trust in Me

Sam is deputising for another practice to earn some extra money.

Alex and Mark arrive back from their holiday. Tom asks Alex how the holiday was, she says it was fine. Tom is quietly pleased when Leanne reveals that she doesn’t think Mark is a ‘pin-up’.

Leanne’s Dad Len has had an accident at work. A bag of coal fell on his head and his hearing has been impaired since. Tom checks him over and can’t find any improvement in his condition. He tells Leanne that Len may have permanent damage to his hearing. Len has to have an assessment with Mark as Mark is the medical advisor to the coal yard. Tom tells him not to worry as it will be the same sort of test that he has conducted on him. Mark disagrees with Tom’s diagnoses and declares Len fit enough to go back to work. Tom is furious at Mark’s decision and tells Alex Mark is disagreeing with him to make him look stupid. Alex tells Tom to get a grip.

Julie is not happy by the special treatment that Nick has been receiving from Mike and Liz since his heart condition was discovered. Tom can see Nick’s relaxing is causing tension between Liz and Julie and he tells Nick he doesn’t have to take it quite as easy.

John and Sylvia meets Sam’s parents. Sam asks his dad for a private word and asks him for a loan. His dad offers £2,000 but Sam says he needs £20,000 because of all the expense of the wedding and Kerri’s medical treatment. Sam’s dad says he doesn’t have that sort of money and says he can’t help him.

Kerri wants Sam to look at a reception venue with her but he says he can’t as he’s on call. Kerri is not happy that he is on call again and says she is going to speak to Will. Sam stops her and tells her he has been deputising for another practice as they need the money.

Tom sees Alex and Mark in the pub. Tom tells Mark that Len nearly got knocked over by a lorry at work as he couldn’t hear a truck approaching. Mark stands by his diagnoses and tells Tom that Len is faking his hearing problems. Mark tells him now the company will pay Len off with early retirement he has got what he wanted. Alex tells Tom to leave as she and Mark are trying to have dinner.

Leanne and Len sit outside whilst Joe is in his nursery. While Leanne is hanging up the washing, Len hears Joe gurgling on the baby monitor. He listens for a bit longer then alerts Leanne to the fact that Joe is choking. Leanne listens to the monitor and says Joe always makes that noise, it’s his way of talking to himself. She asks Len how he heard it and when Len doesn’t answer Leanne realises he has been lying about his hearing difficulty.

One of Sam’s patients has a seizure. The boy has a history of brain tumours and his mother calls Sam to come out to him as he is on call. Sam can’t make it to the house as he is with a patient from the practice he’s been deputising for. Sam rushes to the hospital as soon as he can and meets Will who has brought in the small boy. Will demands an explanation as to why Sam couldn’t answer the call. Sam tells Will he’s been deputising as he and Kerri need the money. Sam asks Will not to tell Tom or Alex, Will says he better give the deputising up.

On the day of the wedding, Tom finds a note from Leanne on the kitchen table. He reads it and finds it is her resignation. He asks her why she is leaving he and Joe. Leanne says it’s because her Dad lied about feeling ill and she says she feels too embarrassed to stay.

As Will and Carol finish off the Saturday surgery, Carol tells Will that one of The Beeches cheques have bounced. Will looks through the books and notices the £20,000 discrepancy. Whilst the others attend the wedding, Will stays behind at The Beeches and contacts the bank. They tell him about the cheque which was written out for £20,000 and tells him it was for the drugs company. Will asks who signed the cheque and is told that it was himself and Sam. Knowing he hasn’t signed a cheque for that amount, Will realises Sam has forged his signature.

Sam joins a kilted Tom and they take their place at the alter. Kerri stuns the congregation by walking up the aisle. They take their vows and marry in front of their friends and family. As the happy couple and congregation stand outside for the photos, Will arrives and asks Sam, Tom and Alex if he can have a word. Will tells his partners what he knows about the missing £20,000 and they wait for Sam’s explanation. Sam says it was just a loan as he needed the money. Will says he forged his signature which makes it a theft, not a loan. Alex asks Sam if he’s in trouble. Sam explains the house costs, Kerri’s rehab and the drugs trial investment. Alex says he should’ve asked for help. Will tells Sam to get on with the wedding, go on honey moon and says that can sort it out when he gets back.

Sam tells Kerri that he has stolen £20,000 from The Beeches. She doesn’t panic and says they can pay it back with money from their joint account. Sam is silent as Kerri realises he has cleared out all of their accounts. She tells him they’ll have to sell the house, Sam says they can’t – he has re-mortgaged it. Sam tells Kerri he did it for them but says after this no-one at The Beeches will ever trust him again. He says they can go on the honeymoon and not return to Cardale. Kerri tells him Cardale is her home.

SAM: I did it for us. I wanted the best care for you

As Sam and Kerri smile politely through their first dance as man and wife, Mark cuts in to Tom and Alex’s dance and insists he dances with Alex. Mark teases Tom and says he has been looking like a love sick puppy around Alex all day. Tom punches Mark to the ground and walks out of the reception.

Sam gives Alice and kiss and says goodbye. He says he’ll miss her. He tells Kerri that he will meet her at the airport and says he loves her. He says he knows they can work this out. Sam arrives at the airport but as the last call for his plane is announced there is no sign of Kerri.

As Kerri sits at her wedding reception in tears, Sam boards the plane for Africa and leaves Cardale……

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