Series 7 Episode 4 – Comrades in Arms

Claire and the children go to stay with David’s sister for a few days as she’s in need of some company. Claire wants David to go with them but he says he can’t – he is on call as Joanna’s at a seminar.

Joanna arrives for work late as her plumber didn’t turn up. Meanwhile Liam is making a large amount of noise whilst fixing the surgery window right outside Joanna’s consulting room. Joanna makes him drop his drill when she shouts at him to keep the noise down and causes him a fright! She later lends Liam her drill and he is surprised to find that she owns a drill. Joanna tells him she is fixing up her house on her own – it’s called being independent.

David calls round to see Patricia but she isn’t at home. During a conversation with Joanna it’s revealed that David could’ve had the weekend off. There was no seminar and Dawn had already worked around his absence. Claire calls David and tells him she loves him, he reluctantly says he loves her too.

Joanna’s plumber still hasn’t arrived and Liam says he’ll take a look at the work for her – if she’s sure it won’t interfere with her independence!

David goes back to Alice’s to speak to Patricia. Alice is aware of something brewing between David and Patricia and is concerned when they go for a walk together. David tells Patricia he wants her. She tells him they risk losing too much if they get involved with each other. She walks away and leaves David alone in a derelict barn, however seconds later Patricia returns and she and David sleep together.

DAVID: I want you. Don’t pretend you don’t feel the same

Claire and the children arrive home. David is distant towards Claire and rejects any affection she shows him. She tells him he works too hard.

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