Series 3 Episode 8 – Ill Winds

A freak storm hits Cardale. The Beeches crew head to The Manor for a pub quiz minus Will who is playing happy families for Julian’s birthday and Kim who has broken her leg!

The Beeches team of Jack, Laura and Trevor take on The Farmers and fail miserably. Meanwhile Will and Sarah enjoy a family party with the boys. Both events are disturbed when the the storm cuts of Cardales power. The church plays shelter to people who have had houses flooded. The police tell Beth the phone lines are down as well as the power cables.

Jack tells Beth that they should recruit a trainee for The Beeches to allow her to take maternity leave when she gets pregnant. She tells Jack he is counting his chickens to soon and states that they will bring up the baby 50/50 – she won’t be giving up her job.

JACK: I for obvious reasons can’t give birth

James and Chloe hear noises coming from the bar. James goes to investigate and finds his barmaid Marion’s son; Shaun stealing the takings. Shaun panics and hits James on the head, James collapses. Chloe goes downstairs to investigate the commotion and is alarmed to find James unconscious on the floor. With the phone lines down she runs for help and alerts the police. They return to the pub but there is no sign of James. Jack and Beth help look for him and find him in an alley in quite a bad way.

Shaun returns home and is in the middle of an asthma attack which has been brought on by what happened at The Manor. He can’t find his inhaler and Marion calls the police when the attack gets the better of him and he collapses.

Will and Sarah reminisce about how they got together. They have some fond memories and agree that they shared some fun times whilst they were together. Sarah asks Will if he’d like a proper nights sleep in a bed – he says only if she promises to be good – they kiss and make their way upstairs. As Sarah goes to freshen up Will is left alone and suddenly realises what he is doing by spending the night with Sarah. When Sarah returns he has his coat on and says that Kim has called to say he is needed at The Beeches. Sarah says she didn’t hear the phone ring, Will says it’s lucky that he did.

Farmer Fred Murray goes to Laura’s house and asks for her help, one of his horses has been hurt in the storm. She goes to his farm and helps bandage the horses cut at the same time as trying to reject Fred’s advances!

James is taken to the church and becomes erratic. He runs around the church and hits Jack before collapsing. Jack tells Chloe that he thinks James may be bleeding into his skull.

Beth attends to Shaun whose asthma attack is worsening. During her consultation she explains to Marion what has happened to James, the truth soon comes out when Marion finds the stolen money on Shaun. Beth tells Shaun that she will find it very hard to treat him as James is one of her closest friends.

Will and Kim sort out the supplies at The Beeches. She asks him if he and Sarah are getting back together. He tells her they are not, Kim asks if he thinks Sarah knows that – Will says maybe she doesn’t.

KIM: You can give out very confusing signals Will Preston

Will takes his land rover to the church so that he can take James to hospital. He and Jack put James in the back along with Chloe who wants to go with James. They go to Marion’s house to pick up Shaun as there are no ambulances able to get through. They have trouble getting Shaun on board as he struggles to break free from them. Jack and Will don’t understand why Shaun is so distressed, Beth explains that it was he who stole the money from James. Will stays with Marion whilst Jack and Beth go to the hospital with Chloe, James and Shaun. They hit trouble when a tree falls down narrowly missing the car. They pull up sharply and Shaun goes into arrest. Despite their attempts to resuscitate him, Shaun dies. An ambulance meets them at the site and takes James to hospital.

Beth tells Jack she feels guilty as all the time she was treating Shaun she was wanting him to pay for what he did to James. James’ tests come back clear – he has suffered no long term damage – Chloe is overjoyed.

Will returns home and he and Sarah have a heart to heart. She says it would be wrong for them to get back together as after a few weeks they would be at each others throats again. Will agrees and Sarah says she and the boys will move out.

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