Series 11 Episode 2 – Flesh and Blood

Bridget and Tom go on call to Sandy. She is married to Bridget’s school friend Dave. Dave is a haemophiliac and Bridget believes that Sandy is faking her own illness to gain some sympathy and attention from Dave. Since suffering from Glandular Fever a few months ago Sandy has persisted to complain of being ill, yet Tom can find no evidence of ill health when he examines her.

Drugs trial manager Paul visits Sam at The Beeches, he wants the practice to take part in a trial to test a new asthma drug. Tom and Alex are too busy to take it on but Sam says he could do with the extra cash and agrees to do the trial. Tom and Alex tell Sam they must get Will’s approval first as he is away at at conference. Sam tells them that he’s called Will and Will has said it’s fine.

Tom tells Alex he’s sorry for the other day when they kissed. He says he really enjoys having her as a friend and says he doesn’t want to spoil tings. She tells him it’s fine – it was just a kiss.

Bridget visits Dave and Sandy and finds Sandy asleep with Dave waiting on her. Bridget tells him he’s the one who needs looking after – not Sandy. She tells him he deserves better then this. They talk about how Dave used to have a crush on Bridget at school and they kiss.

Sam starts one of his patients, Pat, on the trial drug. She welcomes it as she has bad asthma and needs to cope with her twin toddlers.

Sam introduces Paul to The Beeches crew. Paul wants Sam to invest in the asthma drug but Tom thinks Sam should be careful as they don’t yet know if the drug will be a success. However Sam is convinced that he is on to a good thing and visits his bank manager to transfer cash from his and Kerri’s joint account to the drugs company. He also takes out a mortgage extension which will set him back a further £1900 a month.

An accident at work causes Dave to bleed deeply into one of his limbs. It means he will need a knee replacement operation. Tom tells Sandy, Dave will now need her support. Bridget tells Dave the kiss between them shouldn’t have happened as he is married and is her patient. However they can’t fight their feelings and arrange a date together.

Bridget cooks dinner for Dave at her house and gets dressed up. However he phones her and cancels and says he has to stay with Sandy as Tom has told her she has a brain tumour. Bridget later tells Tom she feels really guilty for saying that Sandy was faking her illness. She says she had no idea it could as serious as a brain tumour. Tom is stunned and says he never told Sandy she had a brain tumour – all her tests came back negative. Bridget is furious that Sandy has lied to Dave about something so important and despite Tom’s wishes she storms round to their house and announces in front of Dave that Sandy has been lying about her illness. Dave packs his bags and moves in with Bridget.

BRIDGET: I’m sick of being ‘Miss everybody’s friend, up for a laugh Mellors’

Alex discovers that one of her new patients has registered with Brassel Health Clinic as well as registering with The Beeches. She goes to Brassel and talks to Dr Mark Kershaw about the case. They realise the patient is setting them up against each other to see which practice performs the best. Alex and Mark confront the patient and make him decide which practice he wants to register with – he chooses The Beeches but his wife wishes to stay on Mark’s list at Brassel.

Sam’s drugs trial patients experiences some stomach pains. Sam is concerned when Pam is taken ill and asks Paul if any other patients on the drugs trial have reported these symptoms. Paul tells Sam not to worry, half the drugs distributed are not the asthma drugs, they are sugar supplements. They are distributed so that the trial can get an accurate result without patients ‘inventing’ symptoms. He tells Sam that Pat was on the sugar supplements and these could not have caused her stomach pains.

Sandy calls Tom and makes an official complaint against Bridget. Tom goes to Bridget’s house and is horrified to find Dave staying with her. As Bridget and Tom discuss Sandy’s complaint, Dave shouts from upstairs. Bridget and Tom rush to him and find he has had another bleed. Dave is taken to hospital where Bridget tells Tom she’ll leave The Beeches if she has to as she is not giving up on Dave. Dave’s bleed means he can’t have the knee operation as there is chance of him haemorrhaging during the operation. He tells Tom to call Sandy. He says he’s not much of a catch for Bridget now that he is likely to end up in a wheelchair.

Paul’s story that Pat was on sugar tablets proves to be false when Sam rushes her to hospital with a perforated ulcer. He tells Paul to pull the trial and says he wants his money back. Paul tells him to keep his mouth shut about what has happened.

SAM: I’m not investing in something that could kill people

Bridget arrives at the hospital and sees Dave and Sandy together. She runs out crying. Tom finds her standing alone at The Beeches and tells her he is sorry about Dave. She says she’s missed her chance with Dave and doesn’t want to be alone. Tom tells her she’s an attractive woman and will find someone soon.

Sam tells Tom and Alex that he’s pulling them out of the drugs trial as it carries too many risks. Tom tells Sam it’s a good job he didn’t invest in the company – Sam agrees, before retiring to his office and calling Kerri – hiding the terrible truth that he’s lost all their savings.

Tom visits Alex at home. She is dressed up and he asks her if she’d like to go for a drink. She says she can’t as Mark is taking her to dinner. Tom says maybe they can go for a drink another time and watches as Alex sets off on her date with Paul.

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