Series 12 Episode 2

Claire is making her presence felt at The Beeches, especially with Carol whose relationship with Alex becomes strained because of the new nurse.

ALEX: Is everything alright?
CAROL: Fine. Can I borrow the key to the poisons cupboard?

On her way to the hairdressers, Alice is upset to see ‘The Black Swan’s’ name has been changed to ‘The Inn in the Square’. She expresses her concerns to hairdresser Jackie who finds time for a quick swig of whisky before cutting Alice’s hair. Alice later arrives at The Beeches with a cut ear! Alice tells Tom and Carol that Jackie made the accident because she had been drinking. Carol pays Jackie a visit, Jackie is upset about what happened to Alice and explains to Carol that she has been experiencing periods of shaking. Tom examines Jackie and suggests she has an M.R.I scan to rule a few things out.

Abbey Wells arrives at The Beeches and asks for an appointment with Will. He sees her and tells her that she is pregnant. Abbey says she is not sure how the childs father will react. Abbey leaves The Beeches abruptly and finds Tony sitting outside a cafe’. He is surprised to see her and it is obvious that they are ‘together’. It was Abbeys car that Tony stole when he went joyriding with Charlie. Tony tells her he wants to go back to London. Will is woken in the early hours by Tony and Abbey making food…and noise. Tony introduces Will to Abbey……as his wife! The following morning, Kate finds Will outside. Will tells her that Tony has been married for 6 months and that Abbey is expecting his child. He tells her he doesn’t think Tony knows. Kate says that he has to accept Abbey is Tony’s wife and that they must build bridges with Tony if they have any hope of sorting this out.

Alex offers Claire a room at her place. Claire expresses her concerns that Tom might not want her there playing ‘cuckoo’. Alex explains that she and Tom don’t live together. Claire accepts her offer and tells Alex she is the main reason she came to Cardale.

Claire visits Ralph Tresscott to dress some sores. She gives him some stronger painkillers then what he is used to. He says they are not his regular ones, Claire adds that she’s not a regular nurse!

Alex tells Tom how Claire has upset Carol. Tom tells her not to worry. They enjoy a romantic moment which is interrupted as Claire walks in wanting coffee.

Kerri walks by the pub and can’t resist going in when she sees the ‘under new management’ sign. She meets new landlord Shaun Carter but he fails to impress her when his bottle opening skills leave Kerri soaked in lager!

With Claire in full earshot, Will asks Alex if she can cover surgery tonight as Kate wants him to have supper with Tony and Abbey. Alex agrees despite having already made plans with Tom.

Will and Kate get ready for their night out with Tony and Abbey whilst Charlie prepares for his 15th birthday party. However at the restaurant there is no sign of Tony, leaving Will and Kate to talk with Abbey alone. Abbey tells them that she isn’t sure if she wants the baby or not – unbeknown to Abbey she has hit a raw nerve with Will and Kate and Will says he will not let her decide the fate of his grandchild without Tony’s consent. Abbey informs them that it is her baby and her decision.

Claire arrives at Tom’s with a bottle of wine looking for Alex. He explains Alex is covering for Will – Claire says she didn’t know. Tom asks her if she wants to come in – she says yes. They share Claire’s bottle of wine and she asks him about his relationship with Alex. He tells her it took them a while to et together but stresses how special Alex is to him. Claire says they are very lucky.

CLAIRE: Sometimes it’s just not worth the hassle
TOM: No, it is this time

Tony’s absence from the restaurant is explained as he is at Charlie’s party dealing out the booze. Will and Kate arrive home to find Alex’s car outside their house – Charlie has been hurt. Alex tells them that it’s just cuts and bruises. Tony emerges and informs them that they have missed a great party. His advances towards Abbey are not reciprocated and he assures her that all she needs is some ‘gear’. Having overheard; Kate is horrified to find a photo of she and Will smothered in lines of drugs. She launches herself at Tony calling him a bastard, he is untouched by Kate’s anger but Will has to drag her away from him. Alex reassures Kate that she doesn’t think Charlie has taken any drugs.

Tom tells Jackie that she has Parkinson’s disease. She is devastated and her case is made worse by the fact her husband Keith seems oblivious to the situation. Tom tells Keith his dreams of miracle cures are not a substitute for the emotional support that Jackie needs. Tom informs Keith that he will to face up to Jackie’s illness and pull his weight even if Tom has to drag him through it. Keith resolves to get a job and expresses his support to Jackie – much to Tom’s delight.

Kate catches Tony giving Charlie a hard time. She tells Tony to stay away from Charlie and tells Will that he has to sort this out. Will and Tony have a showdown and Will says he doesn’t want the lifestyle Tony leads under his families roof. Tony inadvertently tells Will that Charlie was in the car with him when he was caught speeding. Will tells him to get out of the house today.

KATE: You take any of your filth near Charlie again – I’ll kill you

A lady called Melody arrives at The Beeches looking for Mr. Tresscott. Alex and Claire take her to his house where he collapses. They call an ambulance and Alex tells Melody Ralph has angina. Alex and Claire discover that Melody has never met Ralph until today and that they became friends over a saucy chat line. Alex asks Claire about the painkillers she gave Ralph. Claire says she thought he needed something extra. Alex tells her next time she must go through the proper channels.

Tony and Abbey arrive back at Will and Kate’s house. Tony swings for Will when he answers the door and in the fallout Abbey collapses. Will calls for an ambulance and Tony is shocked when he hears Will telling the operator that Abbey is eight weeks pregnant. At the hospital they find that Abbey’s pregnancy was ectopic. Will tells Tony they have lost the baby. Will tells Tony that he knows what he and Abbey are going through and says he can help him through it. Tony says he can’t – the only person who can help him is Abbey. Kate arrives and comforts Will as Tony walks away.

WILL: I know how it feels to lose a child
TONY: What does it feel like to throw one away?

Back at Alex’s Tom helps Claire to move her stuff in. She thanks him with a kiss on the cheek. She then kisses him on the lips but within seconds Tom pulls away. He goes outside to Alex who has just arrived home and kisses her as Claire looks on.

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