Gary Mavers Interview October 2000

It’s been work work work, now Gary Mavers has prescribed himself some rest and play.

After five years, eight series and 90 episodes, actor Gary Myers quits his role as Dr. Andrew Attwood outward in Peak Practice this week – partly because of his desire to take on new professional challenges and partly because of a two year old cutie called Olivia. She’s Gary’s daughter and apple of his eye, but Gary’s hectic work schedule has meant long stretches away from her. And finally, he’s decided that now is the right time to devote more attention to her. ‘I’ve missed big moments in Olivia’s life such as her first steps and hearing her first words,’ says Gary, who’s married to Sue a makeup artist, and who has another daughter Abby, 11, from a previous relationship. ‘I’m determined not to miss anything else and spend more time with the women in my life!’

Job offers have been coming in thick and fast since Gary, 37, announced he was leaving Peak Practice, but nothing he’s seen has appealed so far. ‘A lot of the scripts I’ve read made me think that I’d rather walk the dog and mow the grass, it’s quite depressing. I’ve decided to bide my time and wait for something decent come along.

Dr Attwood’s time at Cardale comes to an end after he’s hauled up in front of the General Medical Council accused of sexually assaulting patient Gillian Saville. If found guilty he faces personal and professional disaster. Can the evidence of Dr Will Preston, played by Simon Shepherd – who’s back in the show after a three year absence – help save his career and reputation. And will the love of his life Kate Turner stand by her man?

Whatever the outcome. Gary’s confident that Peak Practice will continue to thrive. ‘It’s the show that’s the winner, not the actors because the formula is right,’ he says. Gary doesn’t completely rule out a return to Cardale at some point. ‘At the moment I can’t see it,’ he shrugs. ‘But maybe at the back of my mind I’m thinking I might go back one day.’

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