Series 10 Episode 9 – Keeping up the Act

Mike and Liz have a meeting with the brewery owner. He is not impressed with The Black Swan’s takings and tells Mike he needs to introduce new ideas to bring the younger folk of Cardale into the pub. He tells them he is not sure if the brewery will renew their current contract.

Liz is concerned about Mike as he is having recurrent pains in his chest. They both go to visit Tom and Mike admits that he has been feeling breathless lately. Tom sends Liz out of the room whilst he runs some tests. He finds that Mike has angina. He prescribes Aspirin, a better diet and a dose of beta blockers. He tells Mike to get involved in some light exercise like walking, but nothing too strenuous. He also gives him a gnt spray to use when he gets the pain.

Alex asks Tom when Will’s family are arriving in Cardale, he tells her he doesn’t know. Alex says she never sees Will trying to call his family. Tom says that Kate probably has her hands full looking after a teenager and a child with Cystic Fibrosis. Alex says she didn’t know Will’s daughter had CF.

The Black Swan get a team together for the keg rolling competition. Mike takes part as Liz, Julie and Leanne cheer from the sidelines. Tom arrives mid-way through the competition and is surprised to see Mike racing. He tells Liz that Mike shouldn’t be doing this with his angina – Liz tells Tom Mike told her he was suffering from stress, not angina. The Back Swan team wins and during the celebrations Mike falls over and knocks his head. The brewery owner looks at the books again and says he wants to know how Mike and Liz are going to improve their profits.

Alex tells Will she is sorry to hear about Emily, he looks at her stunned before she tells him she had no idea Emily had Cystic Fibrosis.

Nick steals tequila from the pub to impress a group a school bullies. Tom finds him being sick outside the pub and takes him inside through the back entrance. However Nick is drunk and goes into the bar and announces to Mike that he stole the tequila from him. With the building pressure from the brewery boss and Nick’s confession, Mike grabs Nick and pins him up against the wall. Tom intervenes but Mike shouts at everyone to leave the pub now. He goes upstairs and collapses from the increasing pain in his head.

Tom and Liz fins Mike upstairs in a terrible state. Tom examines Mike and finds a swelling at the back of his eye. Tom takes Mike and Liz to the hospital in his car. Whilst they are travelling, Mike has a seizure in the back of the car. Tom stops the car to tend to him and reassures Mike that he is going to be fine.

Sam tells Kerri he finds Will patronising. She says he doesn’t like Will just because he dares to question him. Kerri says she thinks Will is really nice.

Mike has to be operated on. Tom is blaming himself for assuming Mike’s headaches were a side effect of the gnt spray and nothing more serious. Will tells him it isn’t his fault, and Sam agrees.

Sam apologises to Will for snapping at him since he has arrived. Will tells Sam he knows it hasn’t been easy for him since Andrew left. He says he is not expecting to go leaping back into Senior Partnership, as far as he’s concerned it’s equal partners.

Liz tells Tom the brewery have terminated their contract. The Pullens have to leave in a month. Tom is furious and goes to the brewery offices and explains how he wrote Mike a sick not before they terminated the contract. Tom tells them they are being unfair and unjust.

Mike regains consciousness and Liz, Julie and Nick gather around his bedside. Tom arrives and tells Mike he will be fine, there won’t be any complications from the surgery. The brewery boss arrives and announces he will be giving The Pullens another contract for the next year.

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