Series 9 Episode 11 – Faith, Hope and Love

Andrew and Kate return to Cardale after a night away together.

The Beeches crew take part in The Black Swan quiz night, with the exception of Andrew who has arranged to meet Kate for another secret date.

Kerri’s first boyfriend and school sweetheart, Adam Prince, arrives in Cardale as the new vicar. He supports the quiz night on the condition that Kerri will go to church to watch his first sermon.

Joanna gives Alice a lift home from the pub. As they get into the car Alice notices Joanna clutch her stomach and asks her if she is alright. Joanna tells Alice she is pregnant. Alice tells her that is good news and Joanna is surprised that she approves as she is not married. Alice says she thinks Joanna will make a smashing mother.

JOANNA: I can’t pretend I want to be on my own but it’s the way it is

Alice, Kerri and other members of the community watch Adam take his first church service, although Alice isn’t quite convinced about his modern day approach.

Carol asks Joanna if she’s thought anymore about telling Tom about the baby. Joanna says she’s thought of nothing else.

Sam asks Kerri if she’d like to come round his place for a take away and video. She turns him down but says maybe they could make it another time. Sam asks her if she’s seeing Adam, she says no.

Andrew asks Sam if he would like to be more then good friends with Kerri Sam says he didn’t think he did but has now realised that he does.

Adam is taken ill and admitted to hospital. Sam treats him and Adam asks him to call Kerri as he wants her at his side. Sam calls Kerri and soon after she arrives he watches as she and Adam share a kiss. Sam tells Adam he has a serious condition and says he’s sorry about it. Adam says he doesn’t think Sam is sorry as now the path is clear for he and Kerri to get together.

Kate tells Andrew their situation is easy for him as he isn’t hurting anyone close to him. She tells him she’s worried about Lucy and says she still cares for Richard as he’s the father of her child. Andrew tells her he wants more then this – Kate says she can’t offer him anymore.

Sam asks Kerri if they can see each other. He tells her that it is important to him. She invites him in for coffee.

SAM: I’ve been trying to show you over the last few weeks how much I like and respect you, as a friend as well as a colleague
KERRI: You’re not going to present me with a clock are you

Joanna is woken in the middle of the night by a knock at the door. It’s Tom. He tells her that he and Meg are finished, they’ve spoken it over and decided it’s for the best. He tells Joanna he can’t stop thinking about her and says she’s the one he needs. Joanna is lost for words but tells Tom she is having his baby, he is over come with emotion and they kiss.

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