Series 6

Episode 1 – All Fall Down

A meningitis outbreak throws Cardale into chaos. Andrew, Erica and David work around the clock trying to avoid further cases of the disease and convince the health authority that a vaccination is required.

Episode 2 – Through a Glass Darkly

Dawn’s outlook on life is suddenly changed when she finds a lump on her breast. Erica tries to convince her to seek medical help, but it will it be Dawn’s children who give her the real incentive to live?

Episode 3 – A Matter of Principle

The stability of Claire’s mental state is in jeopardy when her tablets start to cause side effects. But when she goes to see Andrew tests reveal that it’s not the tablets for her illness that are making her sick……..

Episode 4 – The Good Son

Andrew receives some news from his family which draws him back to his roots. Meanwhile David and Claire anxiously await their test results.

Episode 5 – Another Day of Life

Andrew arrives back in Liverpool and is meeting fierce objection from his mother over his treatment of her. Erica is involved in a highly sensitive case that splits Cardale in half and locum Nick Goodson arrives…

Episode 6 – A Change of View

Erica arrives in Liverpool to spend the weekend with Andrew and his family. Alice finds herself in a spot of bother and Nick continues to wreak havoc on The Beeches staff and patients.

Episode 7 – Body and Soul

Back from Liverpool Andrew is ready to look to his future with Erica. Meanwhile David is concerned when Claire’s behaviour begins top spiral out of control – is she getting sick again?

Episode 8 – The Spinning Wheel

The Beeches staff are slowly alerted to Nicks web of deceit. It appears his stories and his actions have fooled them all. Back in Liverpool it’s a sad day for the Attwoods when Rose passes away..

Episode 9 – Glass Houses

The safety of Emma and Tom is David’s main priority when Claire’s erratic behaviour reaches boiling point. Meanwhile Dawn is finding the physical scars from her operation hard to deal with.

Episode 10 – A Ghost in the Machine

When the new doctor from The Health Centre takes a shine to Andrew, Erica realise her true feelings for him. It’s time for her to bite the bullet and let him know how she feels. How will he react?

Episode 11 – The Falling Sky

It’s time to say goodbye to a much-loved regular as Laura departs for pastures new. Meanwhile Andrew and Claire’s involvement with a patient takes a dramatic turn when she holds them both hostage.

Episode 12 – A Child I Dreamed

Sparks fly between Erica and David when clash over a surrogate case. Meanwhile Alice gets the whole of Cardale involved in her campaign to stop a new supermarket being built.

Episode 13 – Two Things Stand Like Stone

Erica’s hen night is a wild affair, which leads to Claire going into labour. However with Erica drunk and David miles away an unlikely source steps into deliver Baby Shearer.

Episode 14 – Once in a Lifetime

Cardale prepares for the wedding of Andrew and Erica but a long line of disasters await the couple, the most pressing being the last minute doubts looming over the bride…

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