Series 7 Episode 3 – Turn a Blind Eye

Joanna arrives at The Beeches for her first day at work. She is concerned when she treats James; a young boy who has cut his leg. It’s a minor injury but she is worried when he visits the surgery alone. Joanna later visits his house and is alarmed to find James doing the greater bulk of the farm work whilst is father, Michael, concentrates on the housework.

David visits Alice at home. She is recovering well from the operation. David and Patricia talk about the old times when they were at school. David later tells Claire that Patricia’s marriage has broken down. Claire tells him he should keep an eye on Patricia as it can’t be easy dealing with Nikki’s illness on her own.

Andrew is under the roaming eye if Dawn as he has a drink at the pub, he asks her for some gossip on a patient of his!

ANDREW: You know sometimes I’m glad I’m not married
DAWN: So am I……glad you’re not married

David visits Patricia once again and she tells him how scared she is at the thought of Nikki’s transplant not being a success. She asks him if he will talk to Nikki’s consultant and find out how Nikki is as she’d rather hear it from David then from someone she doesn’t know. David talks to the consultant and tells Patricia Nikki has taken to the bone marrow – she is ready to be discharged.

Joanna spends more time with Michael and James and realises that Michael has a problem with his sight. She refers him to an eye specialist who agrees with Joanna’s prognosis that within two years Michael will have lost his sight completely. Joanna calls social services to see if that can organise some help for Michael and James around the farm. However Joanna is misinterpreted and social services view the case as neglect. Joanna tells David she feels she has interfered but David assures her she has done the right thing.

Joanna, Michael and James are called to have a meeting with social services. The social conclude that Michael and James will have to give up their farm and move elsewhere as with Michael unable to work and James needing an education they won’t be able to afford the rent. Joanna visits the farms landlord and asks if he could reduce the rent – she has no luck.

Georgie helps Joanna sort out her new place. Whilst they are unpacking a brick is hurled through Joanna’s window. She goes outside and finds James standing there. He tells her that because of her his Dad is now going to make him live in Spain with his Mum. Joanna drags him into her car and takes him home. She talks to Michael and tells him that James wants to stay with him wherever they are living. Together Michael and James move into their new home but Michael tells Joanna he can’t thank her for what she has done.

Nikki arrives home, much to the delight of Alice. Both are recovering from the transplant well and Nikki is in high spirits. Patricia thanks David for all of his help. She kisses him on the cheek but he pulls her closer and embraces her in a kiss. Patricia pulls away and David apologises.

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