Series 11 Episode 3 – Win Some, Lose Some

The Pullens and Tom cheer on Nick as he wins another bike race. His trainer Brian is convinced that Nick can win the national championships. However Brain is soon diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis and is unable to ride anymore. He continues to coach Nick and begins giving Nick vitamins which he says will helps his performance.

Will and Tom have a drink in The Black Swan. Kate arrives and Tom asks Will how she has taken the news that he has filed for a divorce. Will tells Tom that Kate doesn’t know yet as he can’t face telling her, he says she’ll find out soon enough. Kate comes over and asks Will how he is, he says he’s fine. The silent treatment forces Kate to leave the pub.

Sam and Kerri arrive home from the physio clinic, she is now walking with the help of crutches. They announce that they will be getting married on the last Saturday of the month.

Kate and Charlie have now moved into their new home. Kate receives a letter from the solicitors informing her of Will’s application for divorce. Charlie sees her crying as she reads the letter and he asks her what’s wrong. She says nothing and leaves the room to finish unpacking. Charlie reads the letter she has left behind and realises Will and Kate are to divorce.

Roy Telford becomes a patient on The Beeches list. He has been banned from several other practices due to his violent behaviour. Sam treats Roy and reads on his records that Roy has an alcohol problem. Roy asks Sam for some sleeping pills but Sam refuses as his insomnia is a side affect of his drinking, which sleeping pills won’t cure. Roy gets violent and causes a scene in reception. Sam asks him to leave but Roy pushes him to the ground. Will and Tom witness Roy’s behaviour and order him out of the surgery. Will says he’ll tell the PCT they don’t want Roy on their list.

Tom asks Carol where Alex is. Carol tells him that Alex has gone on holiday with Mark.

Sam and Kerri’s house needs some work done as the pipes have burst. The repair work is going to cost Sam a lot of money and the builders won’t start the work until Sam pays them for the last lot of repairs they have done.

Kate visits Will at The Beeches to discuss Roy. She says they are obliged to treat Roy for a total of 3 months. Will says Roy is an alcoholic but Kate argues that Roy’s drinking problem is not the issue here as The Beeches have a duty to care for him. Unconvinced, Will asks Kate what this is really about. She tells him it’s about the rights of a patient – nothing else. As she goes to leave Will asks her if she has received a letter from his solicitor. She says she has and is upset that Will didn’t tell her first.

WILL: Did you receive a letter from my solicitor?
KATE: After everything we’ve been through, you could’ve had the guts to tell me to my face

Sam asks Will why Roy is back at The Beeches. Will says it’s because Roy complained to the PCT. Sam said he thought their troubles with the PCT had ended when Richard left – Will tells him no, this is just the beginning.

ROY: She’s very accommodating your boss
WILL: She’s not my boss

Sam deals with The Beeches bank manager, he is assessing their annual income. He tells Sam that there is £20,000 sitting in The Beeches account doing nothing – they should invest it. After the meeting, Will asks Sam if the books were ok – Sam tells him they just managed to break even.

Nick has a cold and tells Brian he needs to stop training in order to get better. However Brian tells him he can’t give up and makes him train. He tells Nick to take some more vitamins to get his strength up. Nick rides home and as he reaches the pub he falls of his bike. Mike and Liz help him up and call out Tom. Tom finds that Nick has an ear infection and prescribes rest, however Mike and Nick are adamant that he needs to train in order to make the nationals.

Charlie visits Will and asks him if he still wants to see him now that he and Kate are getting a divorce. Charlie tells Will Kate hasn’t spoken about the divorce however he saw the letter without her knowing. Will tells Charlie he cares about him and says they can still do things as a family even if he and Kate aren’t married anymore. Will suggests that they all go out for a meal and have a laugh like they used to.

The bank asks Sam for his repayments on the loan. They want reassurance that the payments can be kept up especially as he has the house up against the loan. Sam says he is expecting a huge payout any day now.

Tom tells Brian that he needs to lay off Nick as Mike and Liz are not happy that he’s training when he’s unwell. Brian says Nick isn’t any good anyway and says he sent him on a 20 minute ride over an hour ago and he still hasn’t come back. Tom says there must be something wrong and he and Brian go to look for Nick. They find him high in the hills having collapsed. Nick tells Tom he has taken vitamins and Tom asks where he got them from. Nick says Brian gave them to him and Tom asks Brian what vitamins they were. Brian admits the vitamins were speed. Tom tells Brian to go to his car and get help, if he doesn’t Nick could die.

Will picks up Kate and Charlie – they promise not to argue for the rest of the evening. After they have finished their meal they run into a drunk Roy who begins to verbally attack Will. Will ushers Kate and Charlie to move on but as he walks away from Roy, Roy pulls him back and hits him. Kate tries to help Will but he tells her to leave him. As they arrive back at Kate’s house, Kate asks Will if he holds her responsible for what Roy did. Will tells her she has been vindictive in making Roy stay at The Beeches, he says if she had listened to him none of this would’ve happened. Charlie tells them that he doesn’t want them to go out as a family anymore if this is how it’s going to be.

Brian gets to Tom’s car but doesn’t call for help. Instead he leaves the keys on the bonnet and runs away. Tom is struggling to keep Nick alive and explains to him that he needs to go and get him some oxygen. He says he can’t take him with him because it’s too far. Tom gets back to the car and finds Brian has left them alone. Tom calls for an air ambulance and accompanies Nick to hospital.

Sam goes to The Beeches after hours and forges Will’s signature on a cheque for £20,000. He then goes to the bank and clears his loan.

Mike and Liz arrive at the hospital and Tom tells them what has happened. He tells them Nick has a heart disease that has always been there but has been brought on by the speed that Nick has taken. He says in time Nick may need an operation to correct the heart valve that isn’t functioning properly.

Will visits a sober Roy in the police cells. Roy tells him he is very lucky to have a nice wife and child. Kate visits The Beeches to give Will some paperwork. She apologises for thrusting Roy onto the patient list. Will says it’s ok and realises she was just doing her job. Kate says he was right when he accused her of being vindictive. Will says he deserved it as he should’ve had the courage to speak to her about the divorce. Kate says it has come out of the blue as she wasn’t expecting it. Will offers to delay the divorce but she says it’s fine. She asks if they can be civil for Charlie’s sake and because they have to work together. He agrees and Kate asks him if the divorce is what he really wants, he tells her it’s for the best. She kisses him and walks away.

KATE: Could we at least be civil, even if it’s for Charlie’s sake
WILL: Yes, but not for Charlie’s sake. Kate, we’ve been through too much together to not be friends

Nick tells Tom he’s scared at how his life might change due to his heart condition. Tom tells him he has his support as well as that of his family.

Sam buys Kerri flowers and takes them home to her. He apologises for being a pain recently but tells her everything is sorted now.

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