Series 12 Episode 7

Kate comes home from work to find Will still in bed. The Beeches have called her and asked where Will is; he’s supposed to be doing evening surgery. She leaves the bedroom and he sprawls back on the bed.

Colin Sphinx is doing some handyman work at The Black Swan. He perversely looks at Leanne whilst Shaun is talking to her about The Black Swan football team.

Alex is angry with Claire as Claire won’t go with her to visit the wife of the lieutenant who died in the helicopter crash. Alex thinks Claire should go and tell his wife, Laura that he didn’t die in any pain – Claire won’t – she doesn’t want to lie.

Will talks to Matt about the case of Luke, the little boy with croup. Will is not happy with the way Matt handled the case and tells him so. Matt tells Will he has to prove himself because they all keep going on about his failed year. Matt explains that he was failed because he was found in bed with his trainer’s wife! Will finds Matt’s confession quite amusing and the two go to The Black Swan for a drink and strike a deal. Will won’t tell the others about the reason behind Matt’s failed year and he’ll stop watching him like a hawk if Matt stops acting like a hot shot.

Leanne goes to get some chips, on her way out of the shop she sees Colin on the other side of the road. He is moaning and seems in pain, she goes to help him and he grabs her and pushes her up against the wall. He begins to assault her but she then kicks him and runs free. Colin picks up a brick and throws it in her direction; it misses. He throws another brick and this time it strikes Leanne on the back of the head. With Leanne on the floor he moves towards her and begins to try and assault her again, but Tom is across the road and sees what is happening. He calls out and runs over to Leanne whilst Colin runs away.

In The Black Swan, Will and Matt hear sirens and go outside to see what is happening. They are alarmed to see Leanne on the floor bleeding with Tom by her side. Leanne is taken to hospital where a brain scan shows a clot has formed on her brain. She has to undergo an operation while an anxious Tom looks on.

At the pub the mood has dropped and Kerri is disgusted as Shaun and Matt bicker over the forthcoming football game. Matt wants to play on the team but Shaun is adamant that there is no room for him on his side.

Two weeks later and Leanne’s parents are here to take her back to Sheffield so she can recover. Tom explains that part of Leanne’s brain has been damaged . She is unable to recognise faces. He says she has to give her condition time. Leanne tells Tom she doesn’t want to go to Sheffield, she asks if she can go home with him.

Kate tells Will she has seen Tom and he wants to know why Will still hasn’t given Carol her job back. Will tells her he’s tried but Carol didn’t want to know, Kate tells him to try again. Whilst Kate rushes around getting ready for work, Will sits and stares into space. Kate tells him the Prozac he is taking is not working.

KATE: Aren’t you going to be late?
WILL: Aren’t you going to have a heart attack?
KATE: Worrying about you maybe

Alex examines Claire’s knee that she injured in the helicopter crash aftermath. Claire asks Alex if she would like to get a pizza and video with her tonight. Alex says she can’t. Claire isn’t happy that Alex lied for her and told widowed Laura that the reason Claire didn’t visit her was because she was still recovering from the crash.

James Strickland arrives at The Beeches looking for Will. He tells Will that Kate said he would be able to fit him into surgery tonight and check him over. Will is confused until he realises that James is Kate’s friend. Will takes him through to the consulting room. James comments that Will seems stressed, Will diagnoses him with an ulcer. James tells him that Kate has told him how overworked they both are. He asks if he and Kate will be able to attend his charity fundraiser. Will says yes, it could be just what he needs.

DC Hopkins tells Tom that Leanne may not prove to be a good witness due to her condition and the fact that she can’t really describe the man who attacked her. They take Leanne back to where she was attacked. She explains what happened but breaks down when Hopkins presses her for a more detailed description. She says she doesn’t know who did this to her. Meanwhile Colin overhears Kerri telling Shaun that Leanne is having difficulty recognising people.

Tom asks local girl Carrie to look after Joe whilst he goes out with Alex, he tells her Leanne is staying with them. Carrie brings her two children with her. Later that night Leanne tells Carrie she will help her put the children to bed, Carrie is concerned when Leanne picks up her child Eric thinking he is Joe.

Will goes to see Carol at home. He wants her to come back to work. She is not about to let down her cause and gets Will to admit that he used her as a scapegoat for his mistake.

Alex tells Tom that Leanne can’t continue to be Joe’s nanny. Tom says he doesn’t want to let Leanne down by letting her go. Claire tells them both that their sympathy will not help Leanne, she needs to learn how to hate the man who attacked her. Tom doesn’t agree with her and Claire says he wouldn’t, he’s a man. Tom tells Alex that Claire was out of order and was just looking for a row with him. Alex tells Tom Claire was raped in the army and was kicked out when she hit back.

CLAIRE: Treating her like she’s delicate just makes her believe that she is and that’s just playing in to this monsters hands

James arrives at the football match with a box full of shirts for The Black Swan team. Claire teases Kerri about Shaun and Matt fighting over her. Kerri doesn’t agree with her. Matt arrives and reveals he will be playing for the opposition who appreciate his talent! Kate arrives at the match and James asks her if she fancies a drink, she says yes.

Colin is also at the match and puts on one of the spare footballers shirts. He sneaks up on Leanne and leaves her confused as she doesn’t know who he is. She asks him if they are friends and he says not as intimately as he would’ve like them to be. Leanne has flashbacks of the attack and Colin disappears. Leanne calls for Tom who tells DC Hopkins what has happened. Hopkins says he is interviewing all the football players but there is not much else they can do. Tom is frustrated by the excuses Hopkins keeps sprouting.

Tom tells Leanne it would be best if she went back to Sheffield until her attacker is caught. He says whilst she is here she is just hiding from what has happened. He tells her needs the room for the new nanny. Carrie told him about Leanne mistaking Eric for Joe, and Tom tells her she can’t be a nanny anymore with her condition.

Will and Kate attend James’s charity ball and are joined by Carol, Tom and Alex. Noticing Will and Carol are sitting together, Tom offers to swap seats with Will. However Will says he is fine sitting where he is, as does Carol. Will and Carol explain that Will has given Carol her job back with a pay rise and promotion to practice manager.

Will watches as Kate shares a dance with James. James comments on how overworked Will looked the other day. Kate says they both are. James says it’s ridiculous as they are both highly qualified people and should start up something of their own and get other people in to do the work.

Colin watches Kerri as she leaves the pub. Luckily for her Matt comes out of the pub and offers to walk her home – she accepts.

Whilst Will takes solace at the bar, Carol tells him that James is unwell. Will goes to see James who is in quite a lot of pain. James vomits up blood, most of which covers Will. Will stands up and freezes whilst James continues to choke. Kate appears in the door way and is horrified to see Will standing still. She begins to treat James who is sent to hospital in a ambulance with a G.I bleed.

Kate asks Will what happened but gets no response. She tells him she has tried everything and now doesn’t know what to do. She tells him as he won’t talk to her she thinks the problem must be her. He tells her he doesn’t want to be a doctor anymore.

KATE: I’ve tried everything. There’s this wall between us and I don’t know what to do anymore. You don’t tell me you’re depressed, taking pills, you won’t tell me why. So I can only guess that the reason is, is because it’s me
WILL: I don’t want this anymore. Day in day out. I don’t want to be a doctor anymore

Carol arrives at work and takes a drink to Will’s office, as she opens the door his office is empty. Will is not in work.

Leanne goes to The Beeches and tells Carol she is returning to Sheffield after she has had her birthday in Cardale. Leanne goes to the treatment room where Tom is treating Colin who has cut his hand. As Colin leaves he knocks into Carol, his angry reaction prompts Leanne into remembering who he is. She tells Tom that was the man who attacked her. Tom runs after Colin who has got into his car and sped off. Tom clings onto the side of his car but is soon pushed off, leaving him to stand and watch Leanne’s attacker drive away.

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