Series 2 Episode 11 – Perfect Love

Jack and Beth visit Beth’s friends Annie and Dominic. Beth sees them as the ideal couple whilst Jack is not so sure. They have a daughter Victoria and Dominic lets it slip to Jack an Beth that Annie is expecting again.

Will is looking after Tony and Julien for the weekend. They are bored as he is on call.

Annie takes Victoria out for the day, she is not comfortable with her and tells Dominic that she doesn’t love her. Annie secretly goes to John Reginald and says she wants an abortion. He refuses her one without talking to both she and Dominic. Annie is distraught and stays out all night. Dominic calls Beth who stays with him whilst Annie is missing. When she finally returns home she is wet and speaks nothing of Victoria. Dominic asks her where Victoria is and Annie says she is in the ford. Dominic drives up to the ford but there is no sign of Vicki, just her shoe and a gushing river. When he returns home Beth calms him down and tells him that Victoria is in bed. He doesn’t understand and asks Annie why she made him think Victoria was dead – she says she wanted him to feel like he feels everyday, like she’s hurt her. He tells her if he terminates the pregnancy then they are finished.

Alice is having trouble with her hen hut. It has been broken in a storm. She gets out in the middle of the night to fix it and cuts her foot. She thinks she’s trodden on a nail but when Will has a look it appears she’s been bitten by a rat – much to her disgust!!

Annie goes to see Jack and asks if he will refer her for an abortion. He listens to her and realises that an abortion would be the right thing for her judging by her state of mind. Beth is furious and tells Jack that he has put her in the most difficult position. Jack sticks by his decision and tells Beth he doesn’t need her approval, he’s made the clinical decision and that’s final. Beth goes to visit Dominic and explains that Jack has done what any other doctor would’ve done, she says she hadn’t realised how distressed Annie was. However Dominic doesn’t listen and kicks Annie out of the house.

Chloe goes to see Jack, he tells her to get ready to give him a smile! He has good news for her, the test results have shown she’s beaten the cancer – she’s in remission. Chloe is ecstatic!

JACK: They’ll be a break where you go through some tests
CHLOE: What cat scan and that?
JACK: Oh little miss oncology expert now?

Will advises Alice to get the pest control to come and get the rats but she tells him not too. She doesn’t want everyone knowing her business, she’ll kill them herself. So she entails the help of Will, James and Chloe to capture the rats – with no success. They are all too scared. Isabel, who is delivering parish council leaflets sees the commotion and stops to investigate. James tells he if she can catch the rat – they’ll deliver the leaflets. Isabel takes one fell swoop and kills the rat, Will and co deliver the leaflets!

Beth tells Jack he did the right thing referring Annie, she is slightly dashed that Annie and Dominic have fallen apart when they were once absolute baby bores who read every childcare book going. Jack tells her that maybe they expected too much.

JACK: Are you still talking to me?
BETH: If we sulk every time we have a disagreement we’ll have a every silent marriage

Dominic visits Annie at her hotel. He says he will support her in the abortion because he loves her.

Jack and Beth prepare for their wedding day. Beth will be keeping her own name. Jack plays a last minute joke on her by showing her an awful suit that he’ll be wearing and pretending that he hasn’t got his suit cleaned.

The wedding day arrives with a full turn out from the residents of Cardale; Kim, Ellie, Chloe, James, Alice, Trevor, Leanda, Ken Alton and many patients from the past. Isabel is matron of honour whilst Will is best man. Jack and Beth take their vows and out pronounced husband and wife. They leave the church and are met be a horse and carriage and much cheering!


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