Series 11 Episode 10 – Hidden Agendas

Alex’s birthday is approaching but she tells Tom she hates birthdays and doesn’t want a fuss made. He suggests they just have a quiet dinner for two – she says that sounds lovely.

Kerri is giving Billy some physio, he is still living with Alice although she tells Kerri that Billy isn’t pulling his weight! Kerri thinks Billy is too much for Alice and says she is going to help by spending more time with him. Tom asks Kerri if she has the time to do that – Will says he’ll talk to Kate and see if she can get funding for Kerri’s extra hours.

Alex’s father Peter arrives at The Beeches, he too is a GP and is pleased to see where his daughter works. Alex introduces him to The Beeches staff but Tom is slightly offended when she introduces him as ‘one of the partners’. Peter stays with Alex and she tells him that she and Tom are in a relationship. She explains to Peter about Joanna and how Tom is bringing up Joe. Peter thinks Tom is an improvement on Alex’s ex-husband Paul who he thought was a bore and too old for Alex. Alex asks him why he is here, he tells her he is here to spend her birthday with her – Alex tells him she’s already made arrangements.

Peter tells The Beeches staff that he wants to throw a party for Alex. Tom isn’t sure it’s the right thing to do but agrees when he sees how Peter has his heart set on it. They begin to organise a surprise party at The Black Swan.

Will thinks Billy is well enough to return home, however Billy isn’t happy to leave and fakes another stroke. Alice is beside herself and calls Will. Will treats Billy but picks up on the fact that Billy would do anything to stay at Alice’s house. However Will keeps quiet and they all agree that Billy should stay with Alice for a little longer.

Tom, Alex and Peter have a drink at the pub. Tom notices tension between them and notices Alex’s cold attitude towards Peter when he asks her about a patients case. Tom tells Alex that Peter is only trying to help her but she says he is just interfering with her work.

One of Alex’s patients Simon, has contracted chemical poisoning from his workplace due to the fact that he hasn’t been provided with suitable clothing by his boss Eric. Alex wants to report Eric but can not do so without presenting evidence that Simon has the poisoning. She asks him for a urine sample but he refuses to co-operate with her because he doesn’t want to lose his job. Alex tells Will about the situation but he tells her she must be certain before she does anything. Alex asks Ken, a colleague of Simon’s, to do a urine sample for her. She tells him it’s to check for diabetes as his mother has diabetes and she wants to see if there are any links. Alex later tells him that he has the same poisoning that Simon has and says she lied about the test being for diabetics in order to confirm her suspicions.

Billy is desperate to place a bet on the horses. Whilst Alice is at the shops he runs to the betting office but fails to make it there when Alice appears on every route he tries to take. He later asks Alice to fetch him some more pills from the doctors, whilst she is out he takes the bike from her shed and sets off to the betting shop. However Billy soon finds out that the bike has no brakes and has an accident when he collides with a car. Will tends to Billy and is surprised to find he has no further injuries. But Will is not happy that Billy is taking Alice for a fool and he tells Billy to pack his bags and leave. He also threatens to tell Alice what is going on but Billy threatens him with doctor/patient confidentiality.

The Cardale residents gather for Alex’s party, Tom brings her to the pub and she is shocked when the pub has been turned into a party venue for her. Bridget, Kerri, Carol and Tom listen to Peters stories about Alex’s childhood. Will arrives and gives Alex a present. As they talk, Eric joins the party and tells Will that Alex has reported him to the authorities. He says that Alex tricked Ken into giving a urine sample and says she should expect a phone call from the General Medical Council. Will asks her what is going on and she confirms Ken’s story – Will is disgusted and leaves the party. Peter tells Alex he will sort the mess out for her but she tells him she doesn’t want his help. She tells him to leave her alone and says she never wanted a party. As Leanne brings out the birthday cake, Alex leaves the party.

WILL: How could you be so unprofessional

The next morning Peter once again offers Alex his help but she tells him to leave and says she doesn’t know why he came to Cardale anyway.

ALEX: I don’t want you throwing a birthday party for me that’s 20 years too late

Alex tells Tom that she made the mistake with Ken because she felt like she had to prove something to her father. She tells him that when she was 15 her mum was diagnosed with cancer. She says that Peter never supported her or her mother and wasn’t there when she needed him. She says she can’t forgive him for that.

ALEX: I had to sit there and watch her die

Eric tips away the chemical evidence in the local lake. Simon’s son Jack is playing when he falls in the lake and is seriously injured by the intake of chemical fumes. Simon takes him to The Beeches where Tom and Alex revive him. Alex accompanies Jack to hospital and tells Eric that his actions nearly killed him.

ALEX: You’re a crook and a bully and I’m personally going to make sure you pay for it and I don’t care who your report me to

Billy tells Alice there is a dead cert on a horse and says he is going to place a bet whether she likes it or not. He goes out and doesn’t return till hours later. When he arrives back Alice tells him she knows he has just been using her and says as well as being a gambler and a boozer he is also a liar. Billy tells Alice he has grown very fond of her and presents her with a ring – he asks her to marry him. Alice laughs and says no.

ALICE: You know what us girls are like Doctor – never could resist a rogue

Peter tells Alex the partners at his practice want him to retire which is why he has come to stay in Cardale. She says he can stay with her until he sorts himself out. Peter tells her how much she looks like her mother – Alex cries and hugs her father.

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