Series 9 Episode 12 – Last Orders

Tom arranges for a locum to cover his Scarborough practice for two weeks, he is coming to Cardale to stay with Joanna. As he arrives, Joanna is leaving for an appointment with Sam at The Beeches. Tom asks if she’d like him to go with her, she says that would be nice.

Joanna and Tom arrive at The Beeches and Tom acquaints himself with Carol – there’s obvious banter between them as they have been the subject of Joanna’s gossip! Joanna introduces Tom to Andrew and Sam – they are slightly apprehensive and not sure how to react when he introduces himself as ‘the father to be’.

TOM: She described you as some poor old dear she was kind enough to employ
CAROL: She said you were good looking

During Sam’s consultation with Joanna, Tom interferes and begins advising Sam on the procedures he should use when treating a pregnant women. Sam tells Tom he has two options; take over Joanna’s case or play the caring father to be. Tom takes the point and leaves Joanna and Sam alone.

Sam and Kerri go for a drink, she asks him about Tom. Sam says says he thinks he is too pushy. He says he is worried about Joanna and concerned that it’s all happened a bit too quickly. As they leave the pub they find that Sam’s car has been stolen. He alerts the police immediately as he is on call and his car had his medical bag inside.

At a party for a local businessman, Kate gets upset when she witnesses Andrew dancing closely with another woman. When Andrew arrives home from the party he receives a call from Kate. She tells him it hasn’t taken him long to hook up with someone else, he tells her she has no right to be jealous as she has made her feelings perfectly clear. Richard interrupts their call and Kate tells Andrew she will call him tomorrow.

The following morning, Kate visits Andrew at home. She tells him she is sorry about the frosty phone call. He tells her it’s ok as it made him realise there is something between them.

KATE: I don’t know how to stop. I don’t want to

Joanna and Tom talk over dinner. She asks him if he’s ok with the sudden switch from friends to lovers. He says there’s nothing sudden about it – he’s fancied her for years and tried to make his move at their graduation ball, only to be put off by Joanna’s date for the evening and Joanna’s ‘ultra cool’ attitude.

At the practice meeting, Joanna tells Andrew and Sam that she intends to work up to the birth of the baby, take her maternity leave and then come back to work. Andrew asks if there is any chance that she may move to Scarborough with Tom, or if Tom will be staying with her in Cardale. Joanna says she doesn’t know.

Later on, Joanna asks Sam if he and Kerri are finding the transition from friends to lovers hard to deal with. She tells him she doesn’t want to leave Cardale and says her biggest fear is that Tom will ask her to. Sam asks Joanna why Tom’s marriage ended, Joanna says it was nothing to do with her and the baby, although she thinks part of the reason was because Meg didn’t want children. Sam asks if she wants to be with Tom – Joanna says says yes, she thinks she does.

One of Sam’s young patients Callum, is fascinated with medicine and takes to asking Sam all kinds of questions during Sam’s consultation of him. Callum later tells his sister that he has Sam’s medical bag – he saw the man who took Sam’s car and after it was dumped at the side of the road Callum crawled into it and took the bag. Callum’s sister complains of a stomach ache and he gives her some tablets from Sam’s medical bag. When his sister loses consciousness he calls Sam and asks him what he would do for someone who had a stomach ache. Sam tells him it would depend on the symptoms. Callum then tells Sam he has his bag – leading Sam to realise that Callum has administrated drugs to his sister. Sam goes to the house and manages to save Callums sister, however he gives Callum a stern lecture on his dangerous behaviour and says it takes years to train as a doctor and is not as easy as just giving out pills.

Tom asks Joanna to be straight with him about what is bothering her. She tells him she doesn’t want to leave Cardale as she gets a lot out of being a partner at The Beeches. She says she wouldn’t ask him to leave Scarborough and she can’t do the same. Her tells her he loves her and would leave Scarborough tomorrow if he thought it was what she wanted. He tells her he has a mate in Derby and is going to stay with him for the night. He tells Joanna if she can answer one question, then nothing else matters. He hands her a post-it note that says ‘Do you love me?’

Joanna later goes to the hospital for her first scan, Tom arrives late because the traffic was bad. Joanna takes a pen and writes on a hospital leaflet ‘I love you’. She says she’ll go anywhere with him but he says she doesn’t have to. Tom tells her the locum in Scarborough is willing to cover until he finds a permanent buyer. In the meantime he has some locum work at Derby County. He tells her they will have the baby together, in Cardale. They go into the ultrasound room together and watch as they see their baby on the monitor.

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