Series 6 Episode 5 – Another Day of Life

Nick Goodson arrives as locum for Andrew while he’s away.

Erica is called to testify in a child abuse case when young lad Neil accuses step-father Pete of abusing him. The case stirs up feelings in Cardale as Pete is a highly respected member of the community. Joanne expresses her view that Neil has made the accusation up and comments that Erica has been gullible for believing his story. Erica overhears her but does not retaliate.

ERICA: I hate the position this job puts you in. I’m making decisions that can break up families

Erica meets a lot of abuse as she goes to the local grocers but Dawn tells her she has done the right thing by listening to Neil. A female patient also confides in Erica that she was abused as a child and has never told anyone. She thanks Erica for believing Neil and trying to help him. During the sensitive consultation Joanne orders everyone out of the building for a fire drill. When Erica finds out it was a practice drill and not the real thing she tells Joanne she was wrong to walk in on her consultation just so she could walk around the car park with her clipboard. To Joanne’s alarm the fire brigade also arrive, she is told that whenever the alarm goes off they will automatically tend to the scene. She receives a ticking off because as fire officer she should’ve known that,

Andrew’s Mum Rose finds out her cancer has spread to her liver. They are told that they can’t cure the cancer and can only aid it with pain relief. The consultant tells Rose she has roughly two weeks to live. Andrew says he wants to stay in Liverpool to help his mum but she tells his she doesn’t want that. She wants him to go back to Cardale.

The Manor launches Lunchtime Bingo to boost custom. Whilst the gang attend the first session, Nick tells them he left his last practice because he had to nurse his wife through an illness. She died and he was left to look after their two daughters who are currently staying with his sister. As Chloe serves their food she spills a plateful of it down Erica’s court suit. Erica borrows some of Chloe’s clothes but ends up testifying in a dress that leaves little to the imagination!

As Erica leaves for court she finds her car has the word ‘Liar’ sprawled across the bonnet. Erica takes the stand and stands by her physical examination of Neil. During the hearing Pete’s father collapses and the family refuses to let Erica help, instead Pete’s mother gives her a slap before asking her to change her statement.

Erica and Joanne continue to bicker but Erica apologises for shouting at her about the fire drill. Joanne however continues to bicker and becomes cagey about Erica’s relationship with Andrew. The situation comes to a head when Joanne fails to pass on an urgent message to Erica from a patient who is labour. The patient is refusing to have her baby unless Erica is by her side. Erica and David agree that Joanne is being unprofessional and confront her about it. Joanne quits and leaves the surgery.

David tells Erica he supports her over the child abuse case, however he thinks she did act quickly to believe Neil and didn’t take any time to think about it. Pete is later found guilty and his father has a stroke.

Erica breaks down at the surgery, Nick is on hand to offer her comfort. Her day worsens when she is confronted by an irate mother who has found out that Erica has prescribed her daughter the pill through hearing Norman gossiping about it in his chemist. Erica warns Norman that if anything like this happens again she will report him and have his license taken away.

Rose tells Andrew she doesn’t want him by her side as her doctor, she wants him there as her son.

Erica finally learns that her patient is in labour, and despite complications delivers a baby girl. When she arrives home she is surprised to find Nick on her doorstep. She tells him she really wants to be on her own tonight. He leaves and the phone rings – it’s Andrew.

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