Series 3 Episode 9 – A Normal Life

Beth makes herself an ovulation chart; full of ‘red star days’ so that she and Jack can find the best time to conceive!

Will and Kim visit the local school to give the BCG vaccination. Kim’s former head master, Roy Shearer says he hopes he will see her at the school reunion. Will is concerned when schoolgirl Josie Davis creates a fuss when he tries to give her the injection; he arranges to see her at The Beeches so he can give her the vaccination there.

The Beeches crew discuss the Beeches taking on a trainee. All are in favour except Will who thinks having a trainee will just cause extra work for everyone. In the end he backs down as he is in the minority against.

Laura convinces Kim to go to the reunion. She goes with Trevor and Leanda. Leanda tries to set Kim up with school geek, Neil but Kim is more interested in school rebel Alec Kitson. When headmaster Roy turns ill at the reunion Kim helps Alec look after him and Alec gives Kim a lift home.

Will calls in Josie and her parents to see if there are any problems, there appears to be none and Josie happily has her injection. However Josie keeps suffering from hallucinations and after one bad one at school she is comforted by Roy and she kisses him. Josie tells Will that it is Roy who is the problem and says he never leaves her alone. Will shares his concerns with Jack and Beth and says that Josie has implied that something is going on between she and Roy. Beth says Roy is a good teacher and that this allegation is not what he needs right now as he suffering from stress. Jack tells Will he doesn’t want to take sides but he thinks Will should follow it up as Josie confided in him; Will thanks him for his support.

BETH: Not everyone deals with stress the way you do Will
WILL: That’s unfair

Jack tells Beth that Will didn’t deserve some of the things she said to him. He tells her that as Josie is Will’s patient he has no choice but to investigate her claim. However Beth and Will continue to disagree over the situation.

Two troublesome students imply to Josie’s dad that something is going on between Josie and Roy. Mr Davies arrives at The Beeches and informs Beth and Will that Josie has gone missing. Beth tells Will to help find her whilst she and Jack cover for him. They find Josie out cold in a graveyard, she has had a seizure and Will suspects Josie may have epilepsy. She admits that she has been suffering from hallucinations and sometimes finds it hard to distinguish what is real and what is not. She says that Roy never touched her. Will says he will refer her for tests. However its all too much for Roy and he resigns from his post.

Alec takes Kim for lunch. She talks to him about Sam’s father, Keith. She tells Alec how she felt when Keith left her. Alec gives her a lift home and meets Sam; the two hit it off and Alec looks set to become a regular fixture in Kim’s lie.

Beth admits to Jack that she was wrong about Will’s handling of the Josie situation. Jack rubs it in that Will was right and she was wrong; Jack and Beth settle down to another ‘red star day’!

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