Series 4 Episode 5 – Whipping Boy

Laura has an accident on her way to work when two OAP’s run her off the road. Erica puts her in a neck collar and Laura tells her that the drivers she saw shouldn’t be on the road.

Andrew and Erica are surprised when they see Will is advertising for a new partner as he hasn’t spoken to either of them about staying on. Andrew is fine about it but Erica is upset and her attitude towards Will is frosty. Kim tells Will that Erica feels he should’ve told her that he was advertising for the partner position. Will visits Erica and apologises over the advert. She says it’s fine; she’ll be moving on soon anyway. She tells him she’s happy to cover for as long as he needs her.

Will and Kate have lunch. He tells her that he thinks Erica could be partner material given time. Kate tells him he should’ve asked Erica to apply. Will asks Kate if they can have dinner together tomorrow night. Andrew interrupts and is surprised when Kate kisses Will goodbye.

Andrew is concerned about Stuart Reynolds; son of Will’s friend Barry. Andrew has found bruises on Stuart and thinks he may be being bullied at school. He asks Gary about it as they are in the same class but Gary says Stuart is not being bullied. Andrew tells Will he thinks it’s Stuart’s mum’s boyfriend whom she let Barry for. Despite Will being concerned he is adamant that Andrew doesn’t confuse child abuse with Stuart’s Dyspraxia condition.

Laura is surprised when her hit and run driver arrives at The Beeches. Laura tells him he shouldn’t be driving in his time of life. He is convinced that the road accident was Laura’s fault but his wife tells Laura that he has been having problems driving for ages. The girls hatch a plan and soon his wife takes charge of the steering wheel much to Laura and Erica’s delight!

Andrew and Kirsty see Barry pushing Stuart into the car. They try to intervene but Barry tells them it’s none of heir business.

Kate is slightly mortified when Will takes her to the opera. During the interval she tells him it’s not really her sort of thing. Will says Sarah used to love the opera and would drag him along every second week. Kate asks if he actually enjoyed it – Will says no, he didn’t. He suggest they leave and miss the second half. They arrive back at Will’s place where Kate spots a photo of Sarah and the boys. He says he doesn’t miss Sarah but does miss Tony and Julian. She tells him he’s coping better than she is, she’s still bitter and twisted about her split with Greg. They kiss and quickly fall into bed.

KATE: Do you miss her?
WILL: Cruella de Ville? Like a hole in the head

KATE: I threw all of Greg’s things out. Still a little bitter and twisted
WILL: You look ok to me
KATE: Is this the bit where you say ‘shall we go upstairs’?
WILL: I think it is……..

Will and Kate’s morning breakfast is interrupted by Andrew telling Will that he now thinks Barry is responsible for Stuart’s bruises. Will tells Andrew he can’t keep accusing people of child abuse. Their serious conversation is distracted by a scantily clad Kate disappearing upstairs. Andrew realises what he has interrupted and waits in the car.

WILL: Ok, Wait in the car and I’ll get changed
ANDREW: Sorry Will. Spoilt your breakfast?

Will and Andrew go to see Barry and Stuart. Will examines Stuart and asks him where he got the bruises. Will is alarmed when he sees a mark on Stuarts back that has been made by a belt. Andrew is horrified and lays into Barry. Will asks Andrew to leave and tells Barry that this is abuse. Will says he will have to think about reporting him.

Will tells Andrew he won’t report Barry until next week. Andrew asks why. Will explains that next week Barry has to go to court to fight for custody of Stuart and this may ruin his case. Will says he doesn’t believe Stuart is at risk; Barry has just lost his temper once. Andrew is not happy.

Erica tells Kirsty she’d like to say in Cardale. Kirsty asks her if she still likes Will. Erica says he is out of the picture as he is seeing Kate, she tells Kirsty she thinks it’s serious between them. Erica says she won’t let her feelings for Will cloud her judgment about staying in Cardale.

KIRSTY: What is it about Will?
ERICA: There’s something a bit lost about him, or was, until he met Kate

Kirsty tells Andrew he must report Barry to the social services. He says he can’t because he’s Wills patient and Will has asked him to wait. She says he would never have listened to Will about something this serious a few months ago. Andrew calls social services.

On the day of the custody case Andrew tells Will that he has called social services, Will is gutted and tells him he has been totally unprofessional. How can they expected to work together if he’s going to go behind his back all the time. Will is called to the hearing to testify. His positive statement about how Barry can overcome his problems and look after Stuart does no good and Stuart’s mother wins the custody hearing.

Erica tells Will she is going to apply for the position of partner. Andrew tells him he is also applying. Will is going to have to chose between the two of them.

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