Series 7 Episode 12 – Single Minded

Andrew and Dawn separately get dressed up for their impending night out together. However as Dawn leaves for the pub Andrew receives a call from the police to say The Beeches has been broken in to. Andrew arrives at The Beeches as two lads run off knocking the investigating policeman over as they go. Andrew is told that The Beeches alarm wasn’t set properly.

Dawn arrives at The Manor and is told that Andrew has left a message for her to say he can’t make tonight as something as come up.

The following morning Sam arrives at work and is given yet another lesson on how to set The Beeches alarm. His punishment comes in the form of his consulting room which has been turned upside down by the vandals.

The case of close friend Stella touches Dawn. Stella is unhappy with how she looks and wants breast implants. On her first consultation Joanna refuses, but after seeing the state Stella is in she refers her for the implants. Dawn is not sure that Joanna has done the right thing and is alarmed when Andrew reveals that if Stella was his patient then he would have done the same as Joanna and referred her.

After what Andrew shows his support for Joanna, Dawn asks him if it really matters that much to him what someone what looks like. Andrew says that it doesn’t and that the reason Stella was referred was because it was affecting how she saw herself and her mental state of mind. Despite his explanation Dawn gives Andrew the cold shoulder and he is oblivious to what he has done wrong.

Andrew arrives home to find Dawn standing outside his house in the rain. She apologises for the way she has been acting over the cosmetic surgery debate. She tells him that it brought back the memories of her battle with breast cancer and the possibility of having cosmetic surgery herself. Dawn says she doesn’t know what she’d do if the cancer were to return and asks Andrew if it would make a difference to him. He tells her she is beautiful and nothing will change that.

DAWN: I’m scared
ANDREW: That’s why I’m here

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