Series 12 Episode 8

After Leanne recognised Colin’s voice last week, he has been placed in custody thanks to Tom who alerted the police. It is Leanne’s birthday and Tom has organised a surprise party for her. Matt has had special t-shirts made for everyone which have their names on, he tells Shaun it’s so Leanne knows who everyone is!

Claire watches Alex getting dressed for the party. She makes Alex feel uncomfortable when she zips up her dress for her.

Leanne arrives at the party and is delighted that all her friends are there for her. Claire asks Alex to dance with her but Alex says no and dances with Tom instead. She tells Tom that she thinks Claire has ‘a bit of a thing’ for her as she has been acting strangely towards her. Tom tells Alex he thinks she’s reading too much into it as Claire fancies men!

Colin arrives at the party with his wife Sally in tow. Leanne is visibly shaken and Matt is instantly at her side. He tells Shaun to get Colin out of the pub. Colin tells Leanne he is sorry for her troubles but says he did not attack her. Colin leaves the pub whilst Tom comforts Leanne.

Tom and Leanne return home and call out DC Hopkins. He tells Leanne her condition makes her an unreliable witness. He also tells her that Sally has told the police that Colin was with her the whole time during the alleged attack. Leanne is adamant Sally is lying, but DC Hopkins doesn’t seem convinced.

Kate tells Will she has been thinking about what he said to her at the charity ball. He tells he was just tired – he’s fine now. She tells him she thinks he should dissolve The Beeches partnership, buy out Tom and Alex and set up on his own. After he has set up he can get some younger doctors in and then there will be less work for him. Will is not convinced that dumping Tom and Alex is the right thing to do. Kate says he cried on her shoulder and she is now offering him a way out – what else is he going to do – keep taking the Prozac?

Tom take Sally’s file to DC Hopkins. He tells him that 8 years ago Sally was treated for a broken rib, internal bleeding and she also lost her baby. He says maybe Colin beat her up and maybe her alibi is a lie because she is scared of him. DC Hopkins tells him to stay out of it.

Claire asks Alex if she wants to come to a yoga class with her. Alex says no – she and Tom are cooking dinner for Leanne because she’s still upset.

CLAIRE: How much sympathy can she squeeze out of this?

Kate visits James to see if he’s ok. He asks her how Will is and asks if he is going to split The Beeches partnership. Kate says Will is not too taken with the idea so she’s going to give him a few days. James tells her he has heard rumours about The Beeches….

Kate storms around to The Beeches and asks Tom if he showed a patients records to the police. He admits he has. Kate tells him that Sally has made an official complaint to the GMC. Tom says he has a duty to Leanne and his friends, including Kate, to stop Colin before he attacks again. Kate says he also has a duty to his partners including Will, who doesn’t need this hassle at the moment. Alex tells Will and Kate that the police wouldn’t use Tom’s information anyway. Will says it has to stop here, Tom has to let the police do their job. Alex tells Will he can tell Tom that as she is not playing piggy in the middle. Kate asks Will if the hassle at The Beeches is really worth it.

Whilst driving, Tom hears a report on the radio that says another girl has been viciously attacked. He rushes home to find Leanne next to a bottle of pills. She hasn’t taken any but tells him she doesn’t know what to do.

Tom goes through the surgery waste bags. He calls in DC Hopkins and hands the bloodstained bandage that Colin had covered his hand in when he went to see Tom last week. DC Hopkins admits the victim was cut, Tom tells him to check the bandage for her DNA.

Colin and Sally arrive at The Black Swan for a drink. Tom slips a liquid into Colin’s drink and is seen by Matt. Colin soon becomes agitated and Tom provokes him by staring at him. Tom tells Colin he knows he attacked Leanne and asks him if he knows what happens to rapists in prison. Colin attacks Tom and hits him with a snooker cue. Tom tells Matt to call the police. Colin is taken away and Tom authorises that he is sectioned.

Matt tells Tom that he saw him put something in Colin’s drink. Tom tells Matt he has got Colin off the streets and that’s all that matters. Matt tells Tom he could be struck off for what he has done. Tom replies how – only he and Matt know about it.

Claire confronts Alex and says she thinks Alex has been avoiding her. Claire says she only came to Cardale because of Alex and now never sees her. Alex tells her not to be silly, they are mates, nothing’s changed.

CLAIRE: I feel like a boyfriend being given the brush off

Will asks Tom and Matt what happened the previous night with Colin. Tom explains that he had to section Colin. Will says he hopes he was sure that Colin needed to be sectioned and that it wasn’t because of Tom’s vendetta against him. Tom walks out and Will asks Matt what happened. Matt stands by Tom and Will says he should be clear where his loyalties lie as he’s in his remedial year.

Kate goes back to see James. He asks her why she is here. She says she has come to see how he is. He says no, she did that yesterday. Kate says she has come to tell him that Will still doesn’t want to break up The Beeches. James kisses Kate but she doesn’t respond except to say that’s not why she came to see him. James apologises and says kissing her was very rude of him.

KATE: I did not come here for that

DC Hopkins tells Tom that the DNA tests came back negative. The blood of the victim was not on Colin’s bandage. He also says that Colin’s lawyers are pushing for him to be released from hospital.

Will tells Claire abut Kate’s idea for The Beeches. Claire says that the idea is fine in theory but it’s not very practical. Will apologises for involving Claire as he knows she and Alex are friends. Claire says that actually she and Alex are not getting on too well at the moment as Alex feels like she can walk all over Claire. She tells him that if it comes to it her loyalties will lie with The Beeches.

Tom tells Leanne that he could be arrested for what he did to Colin. He says he doesn’t regret it but needs to know she is sure that Colin attacked her. She says she knows he did.

Alex confronts Claire about the helicopter crash and says she can’t ignore what happened anymore. She says she knows Claire killed the marine. Claire explains that she was helping him out of is pain and misery, Alex says she had not right to do that and tells Claire to pack her bags and get out.

ALEX: You took his choice away – you played God

Tom visits Sally at home and takes Leanne with him. They tell her she must tell he truth and tell the police that Colin wasn’t with her on the night Leanne was attacked. At which point Colin arrives and drags Tom outside. He pushes him to the floor and continues to kick him on the ground. Leanne jumps on Colin who in turn pushes her up against the wall. Sally intervenes and hits Colin whilst Leanne calls the police.

The trivial case of two bickering patients incenses Will who loses his temper and tells them to get out of the surgery. Will returns home to Kate and tells her he thinks they should break of The Beeches partnership.

The police arrive and arrest Colin. DC Hopkins tells Tom he doesn’t know what he did to Colin but knows he did something, he says he should watch his step. Tom tells Leanne it is all over now.

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